Grade: Session 2 Recap & Mentoring


Dear Grade participants and parents,

Now that everyone is back in town and school is humming along, The Grade is completely full! We are unable to take new registrations for 2015-16, but if you have a friend who would be interested in attending a session as a guest, please have him register HERE.

We have already had one round of mentoring at Swift, and this Saturday mentors will be at Western Academy from 11 a.m. - 2 p.m. Please coordinate with your mentor to set up a 30 minute mentoring session. If you can't see your mentor in one of the pre-scheduled times, please try to set up a different time that works for both of you.

The Chaucer Drive Study Center is happy to provide you with a Calendar of Events for this school year! Please download the calendar below and put it on the fridge so you know what else is going on at Chaucer.

Happy first day of Autumn!


Alex Hoff

Director, The Grade

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Study Night

We would like to extend an invitation to all high school students to come to our Tuesday Study Night. It is a quiet environment where serious study takes place, as well as a time to socialize with friends during dinner (please bring $5 for dinner!)

The schedule is as follows:

5:30 pm - Doors open

6 - 7:30pm - Quiet Study

7:30 - 8pm - Dinner (pizza, Chinese, Whataburger, etc. - $5)

8 - 8:30pm - Confessions available

8 - 9pm - Quiet Study

Mentoring Schedules

4th Saturday (9/26)

Western Academy

1511 Butlercrest St.

11 a.m. - 2 p.m.

30 minute time slots

Email or call your mentor to set a time

By appointment:

Email or call your mentor to set a time

The Big Picture: Freshman Seminar

The freshman completed a study skills questionnaire and Mr. Kolf covered the best practices for improving study habits which are a crucial aspect of success in high school. The path to a quality university involves sweat and sacrifice, but it is well worth the effort.

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Mr. Kolf delivers his talk on "Honing your Study Techniques" to the Freshman Session.

Professional Sophomore & Junior Seminar

The Sophomores and Juniors entered the medical field with a presentation from Anesthesiologist and Pain Medicine Specialist Ken Alo. Although Dr. Alo was willing to bring a cadaver, a sample vertebrae was enough to get his points across!
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Dr. Ken Alo, Anesthesiologist and Pain Medicine Specialist

Filling the Gaps: Senior Seminar

The seniors had a special session this month which was open to dads! Many dads came to get a sense of the philosophical questions posed, and discussions that take place in the college-level seminar. This month Victor Saenz led the seminar on Faith, Philosophy, and Science. It was so successful we're thinking of having Grade sessions just for dads now!
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Victor Saenz and the seniors with their dads.

Seminar Coordinators

If you have general questions about The Grade, feel free to email or call me at any time.

Alex Hoff

CELL: 713.836.8705 |

If you have questions about a specific seminar, these are the seminar coordinators:

Big Picture Seminar (Freshmen)

Joe Kolf

CELL: 314.402.3491 |

Professional Seminar (Sophomores and Juniors)

Dan Murphy

CELL: 917.224.7851 |

Filling the Gaps (Seniors)

Victor Saenz

CELL: 574.904.3258 |