Zues Saves the day! Sort of…

Persephone gets kidnaped

Zues saves the day! Sort of…

Last weekend, Persephone was kidnapped by Hades because Hades loved Persephone. We asked Persephone how she felt about Hades and she told us “I didn't really think about him until now…". Then we asked Hades what she felt like when she found out Persephone did not love him and he responded with “no comment". After the kidnaping, Demeter, Persephone's mother, got very upset and made the world dull. So Zeus had to come down to take Persephone back to earth. But before Persephone left, Hades fed Persephone 4 death seeds. So when Zeus brought Persephone back to earth, she had to go back down to Hades. But Zeus compermised and said Persephone only had to stay with Hades 4 months for every death seed she ate. Story by Zeus
Interviewing Demeter
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All the Gods involved

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