Gas Gangrene

Clostridium Perfringens

All about Gas Gengrene

Bacteria is what causes it. Its a fast-spreading and potentially life- threatining form of gangrene caused by a bacterial infection.The infection causes toxins to release gas,which leads to tissue death.They enter the body through an open wound.Its considered very dangerous and deadly.Most common affected areas are feet,arms,legs,and hands. Symtoms: air under the skin -pain -swelling -pale skin that turns gray, brownish-red or black -blisters with foul-smelling discharge -a crackly sensation when you touch your skin in the affected area -fever -persperation.

how can you prevent it?

If you have an open wound clean it. If it gets infected see a doctor right away. If you get it the only way you can get rid of it is to cut off the body part and get treated right away. Once you get it you can't stop it you can die right away.