1700-1799 Fashion

Emma and Alexis

1700-1799 quotes

March 23, 1775
"I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty, or give me death!"

-Patrick henry

"A government of laws, and not of men."


"The happiness of society is the end of government."

-John Adams

Who Influenced fashions?

The 1700's was not always influenced by a certain person but of the centuries before. So sometimes the fashion in the 1700's was influenced by fashion in the 1680's and 1690's.But here are some sponsors.

  • Salvador dali
  • Elsa Schiaparelli
  • Peit Mondrain
  • Yues Saint Laurent
  • Andy Worhol
  • Versace
  • Takashi Murakami

Designers and labels, Trends

Fashion trends originated from France as many countries looked to them for styles, fabrics, and details in the fashion world. Many people in the 1700's only owned a few fashion pieces; two to four dresses or suits was quite normal for people in these days.

Men's Fashion: In the 1700's men's fashion was beginning to get more and more elaborate. Men's dress coats were made of fine fabrics with bright beautiful colors and the tail of the coats were very long. Men's shirts were made of fine linen and lace down the front and at the bottom. Men wore white wigs and even the wigs in this ere had different trends throughout the 1700's. Men's attire became such a statement in the 1700's that it affected the trends of women's fashion as well.

Women's Fashion: With men taking it up a notch with their fashion statements and trends, women began to get more and more elaborate, detailed and extravagant with their trends. They wanted their dresses bigger, wider and their hair taller. Their fabrics were fine, expensive and very detailed. Here's a fun fact, the women's dresses were so wide that the arm rest of chairs even had to be removed so women could sit down!

There were not many designers in the 1700's that influenced the fashion but some labels was Missoni a designing label.


All colors were used at a certain time but the main color that was worn in the 1700's was the color red. Other colors that were used often were yellow, blue, peach, bronze, adobe, silver, Parisian cashmere, and black. Lighter colors were also used because the darker colors were very expensive and high priced.

Textiles and fabrics

  • The flying Shuttle
  • Spinning Jenny
  • Water frame
  • Cotten Gin


Films and movies were not yet invented in the 1700's but there were tons of books that people enjoyed reading at the time. Books such as...

  • Gullivers Travels by Johnathon Smith
  • Candide by Voltaire
  • Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe
  • Moll Flanders by Daniel Defoe

Clothing parallel

There have been some fashion parallels in drawn to the 1800's and 1900's but today we have costumes of outfits from the 1700's. But just like today fashion goes out of style very quickly in time. Occasionally there can be other products that have been made similar to styles in this era.

Historical moments in the world

  • American Revolution -April 19, 1775 – September 3, 1783
  • Declaration of Independence -July 4th, 1776
  • Northern war in Europe -February 12th
  • Denmark and Sweden sign peace treaty -August 8th
  • Turkey declares war on Russia -November 30th


  • There were no cameras. One's image was either sculpted or painted.
  • men and women took baths only twice a year!
  • In the late 1700s, many houses consisted of a large room with only one chair.
  • At local taverns, pubs, and bars, people drank from pint-and quart-sized containers.
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