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News for the week of September 8, 2015

Top Summer Readers!

The Fork Shoals Summer Reading program had 140 participants this year, and we read just over 215,000 pages. All summer readers will be recognized on a poster outside of the library.

The following students (and faculty member) read the most pages for their grade level. Each of these students will receive a special reward.

  • Kindergarten - Audrey Kalk - 7,747 pages
  • 1st grade - Caylee Meadows - 5,697 pages
  • 2nd grade - Peyton Curesky - 8,853 pages
  • 3rd grade - Franka Frenzel - 3,541 pages
  • 4th grade - Matthew Manning - 6,149 pages
  • 5th grade - Caleb Mayes - 3,390 pages
  • Faculty/Staff - Ms. Knight - 13,792 pages

15-16 WFSS News Team

Last week, auditions were held for the 15-16 News Team, and the following students were selected:

  • Savannah Bowles
  • Dacia Case
  • Alyssa Crosby
  • Rachel Decker
  • Luna Gallego
  • Garrett Goodson
  • Nate Grant
  • Audrey Hardy
  • Mackenzie Kinsella
  • Cassidy Lee
  • Noah McDowell
  • Austin Montgomery
  • Colin Moroney
  • Kinsley Nicholson
  • Valerie Nicholson
  • Vanessa Nicholson
  • Sebastian Parry
  • Anna Paxton
  • Lucas Semberger
  • Joseph Smith

The WFSS News Team produces Fork Shoals' morning news show and brings our school community all of the news that is important to them. These students begin working on our news show at 7:30 each morning.

The 1st quarter reading challenge is underway!

Your child's goal: Read as many pages as possible between now and October 22nd. Reading logs MUST be turned in to Ms. Knight no later than Wednesday, October 28th. We’ll have prizes for those who read the most in each grade level, and every participant will receive recognition!

How do you record reading?

Students will receive reading logs during their class' library orientation, but you can print out a reading log here if you want to begin documenting books read. List books (with page numbers) as you complete them. An adult must sign by each book read. Add the total number of pages read during the 1st quarter.

FSS Library Blog

Fork Shoals School Library Blog

Book of the Week: Journey

Journey by Aaron Becker is a nominee for the 2015-16 South Carolina Picture Book Award.

Journey, a wordless picture book, is an enchanting tale that highlights the power of imagination. It tells the story of a young girl who, using only a red crayon, journeys beyond the walls of her home (where no one pays attention to her) and into a magical place. She travels by boat, hot air balloon, and flying carpet, and she uses her wits (and some help from a special bird) to escape a fearsome ruler and find her way to a new friend.

Journey is a wordless picture book. A fun writing exercise may be to have students make up their own narratives to go along with the pictures. This book may also be useful when studying various forms of transportation. How would students like to get from place to place if they had the choice? Like the girl in this book, students' answers would only be limited by their own imaginations!

Knight Reader Junior

Explore books for the elementary school crowd!

Are you reading the SC Book Award nominees?

Every year, the South Carolina Association of School Librarians nominates twenty books for four different Book Award levels: Picture, Children's, Junior, and Young Adult. Fork Shoals participates in both the Picture and Children's Book Award programs. Students who read at least five books from each level are eligible to vote for their favorite in February!

Click here for a handy checkoff sheet to keep track of your Book Award reading, and check out the videos below for a quick glimpse at this year's nominees!

Fork Shoals School Library

Ms. Kelly L. Knight, Librarian

Mrs. Allison Meredith, Library Clerk

Dates to Remember:

  • September 1-25 - Fall MAP testing (Teacher will send specific date.)
  • September 11 - Spirit Day
  • September 14 - SIC meeting, 7:30am
  • September 16 - Ident-a-kid pictures
  • September 17 - Progress reports
  • September 18 - Fall picture day

Labels for Education and Box Tops

Turn in your Labels for Education and Box Tops by this Tuesday, September 8. Classes with the most of each will be recognized. Visit our school website for details.

MAP testing

All students in grades 2-5 will take MAP testing in September for Reading and Math. Classroom teachers will let you know specific dates for their class. Please be sure that your child is at school and gets a good night’s sleep. Encourage your child to do his/her best.

Parent Portal

Parent Portal access is now available to be picked up in the office. An informational sheet about the portal can be found in this week’s folders.