Welcome to VSH Myths & Legends!

Quarter 2- Fall/Winter 2021

Dear Families,

Welcome to second quarter at VHS! I'm so excited to be teaching Myths & Legends this quarter. I've taught M&L for nine years and it's exciting to be teaching it in this platform. I know that some of you are returning and some are just now joining the VHS family, but please make sure that you read this newsletter for important info and polices about the class, grading policies, etc. Welcome!


VSH (Virtual School House) has a flexible schedule where students can attend our live class sessions or watch the recorded sessions. If a student chooses to attend the recorded sessions, there will be an exit ticket for accountability reasons.

Attendance is based on two elements:

1) Attending live lessons or watching class recordings and completing the exit ticket

2) Work completion

Beginning with Quarter 2, VSH 6 – 12 teachers will be taking attendance daily and monitoring coursework completion. If a student is not in a live class, they will be marked absent. Students have seven (7) days to watch the recordings and complete the exit ticket along with the required assignments. If this is done within the seven (7) days, the absence will be changed to Present.

Great news -- VSH will have an attendance line for parents to call their students out for the day beginning on Monday, October 25, 2021. The attendance line number is: 208-855-4456.

Meeting Times

We use Teams for our live meetings, attendance, questions, and our weekly checklists which are crucial to student success. You will see your teams auto-populate this year; no join code should be required!

Students are required to attend three live sessions a week and log their attendance in the attendance channel each time. Mondays are MANDATORY for all students since that is the class we will look at the assignments and expectations for the week.

Mon/Wed/Friday - Core material classes are Mon/Wed/Friday at the designated class period times. These are the required (mandatory) live lessons. They are recorded and will be posted in the “archived sessions” channel for students to watch (if they missed live class) or review concepts as needed. The link for these sessions can be found in the “live class link” channel in Teams.

Tues/Thurs classes are for class discussions and class collaborations and attendance is optional. These sessions are open for students to come to the class during the normal class time to discuss concepts presented in the required sessions and engage in collaboration with the instructor and fellow classmates. It is the same link as the Mon/Wed/Friday in the “live class link” channel in Teams.

Office hours are 2:45-3:15 Monday & Wednesday for Mythology and Tuesday & Thursday for Senior English. Friday office hours are by appointment for remediation sessions.

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

1st period 7:40 am

Wednesday is LATE START

1st period 8am

What happens if I miss class?

If a student misses their live session, they will need to watch the archived session (recorded class found in Teams) and should still log attendance in order to not be marked absent. Watching the recorded class still counts :)

*If a student is not in a live session, they are expected to be in Peak working, this is the equivalent of their "in-class" work time.

Teams Info

The Archived Sessions tab will link you to past live sessions. This will be helpful if you weren't able to attend a session for any reason.

Attendance Channel- This is where you will log your live class attendance and find the forms for exit tickets for both live and recorded classes.

Live Class Links is where you will find links to live classroom sessions. (Remember, this will be every Monday, and one day Tuesday-Thursday plus Friday.)

Office Hour Links is a place where you can find me every afternoon if you need help with your assignments.

Questions is a place that if you aren't understanding something, you can ask it and I will help you out. This would also be a powerful place for your peers to help answer your questions as well.

Weekly Checklist Must Do: is where you can look to see all of the activities, modules, and assignments you will need to participate in for the week.

Grading Polices

All modules/assignments for the week will be opened each Monday by 8am. All required modules and work will be detailed on the weekly checklist and can be found in the Teams “Weekly Checklist” channel and on the Peak homepage.

All weekly assignments are due by Thursday night at 11:59pm via Peak unless otherwise noted on the weekly checklist. All work MUST be submitted and completed in Peak/FuelEd. No emailed work or essays will be accepted!

All modules will be open for two weeks and will then lock and will not/cannot be revisited; Week assigned for full credit, week two for late credit (unless on a specific accommodation). Please, please keep pace with the work to avoid being locked out of modules and losing points for late work.

Late work is accepted for an additional week after the original due date for 50% credit. No written late work is accepted after the second week past the due date. Students on accommodations will be graded according to their accommodations.

Quizzes and Tests are open for two weeks and lock at the end of class Friday the second week. There is no penalty for using all attempts on a quiz or test. If a student has attempts to use, they may use them during the two weeks the quiz/test will be open and final grades will be updated in Powerschool once the quiz/test has closed.

Grades will be updated weekly every Friday in Powerschool. Retakes, re-do's, late/missing work, etc will be updated the following Friday.

Problems? Who to Call!

VSH enrollment: If you have questions about VSH enrollment you can reach the registrar at 208.350.4010.

Password confusion:

Teachers don’t have access to your passwords! Please use “password recovery” or “forgot password?” functions if those are available. If not, you will need to call the IT desk 208-350-5300; 7:30 AM -- 4:30 PM Monday-Friday.

All students will have two sets of passwords: one for logging into their West Ada account and one for Peak. Both use your West Ada login ID.

For Peak, it's the students 10-digit ID number and the lower case first initial of their first name, the capital first letter of their last name, and their 10-digit ID. For example: Charlie Brown would be- cB123456789
Laptops and connectivity:

If you are having connectivity or laptop issues, please contact the help desk for West Ada at 208-350-5300; 7:30 AM -- 4:30 PM Monday-Friday.


The Peak/EdTech platform has its own IT support. If you have having issues once you log into Peak, please click on "service station" at the top of the class menu for how to contact them.

Imporant Steps to Success

  • Attend the live classes/archived sessions three times a week and log your attendance.
  • Use the time during your assigned class when not in a live session to be in Peak/FuelEd doing the work!
  • Modules (your work) will be opened, and introduced, on Monday. It is due on Thursday by the end of the day.
  • All modules close two weeks after they are assigned on the following Thursday night.
  • There are three takes/re-takes on all quizzes and test. Please use the opportunity to review and retake all quizzes and test to achieve the highest grade. Peak will give me the best of the attempts.
  • The grade in powerschool is the accurate grade. The process bars in Peak aren't always accurate.
  • Make sure you have access to your West Ada email. All communication from me will come thorough that email!

Virtual Classroom Etiquette

Just like a physical space in a classroom, this virtual space has to have rules as well. The discussion board during a live Teams meeting can be used with school appropriate questions or responses.

Please always come into class with your mic muted.

Any inappropriate comments, emojis, or gifs will NOT be tolerated and you WILL be ejected from the class session and it will be addressed with parents. Our discussions need to be kept in the realm of academics (the work we are doing) and foster respectful dialogue between us all.

About Me

Hey there! This will be my TENTH year (!) teaching in West Ada, and I'm SO excited to be joining Virtual School House! Naturally, I have a love for the written word and especially love Gothic Literature, Sci-fi, all kinds of mythology, and Suspense novels. Spending time in my evolving garden and down-home kitchen is where I get quite a bit of joy. Additionally, I'm a pop-culture nerd and I've been an avid gamer (as time allows) for many years and play mostly MMO RPGs now. I have a passion for teaching and can't wait to start this new chapter of teaching, and learning, in the virtual realm with all of you!