By: Justin G. 6th Period

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Singapore's Flag and Anthem

Singapore's National Anthem with Flag


Singapore is officially called the Republic of Singapore. It is a beutiful city-state that is very clean and organized. We are very urbanized, and land is being developed for more forests. Here in Singapore we are 14th in the world in exporting, and 15th in importing, so we have a strong economy. We are currently the only country in Asia that has an AAA credit ratings from all three major credit companies. We have many tourists in Singapore and tourism forms a large part of our economy. We claim that we are the most technologicaly advanced military in Southeast Asia. Our population accumulates to over 15.8 million people. Most of them are Chinese and Buddhism is the most practiced religion in our country. Our official languages are English, Malay, Chinese, and Tamil, and education is highly supported here in Singapore. We have a very diferse culture with many different ethnicities, religions, and languages. We also have an efficient health care system in our country.

Slogan- "Uniquely Singapore"

Geography and Climate

Our main island is called Pulau Ujong We are around 3.5 times as large as Washington D.C. We have dozens of smaller islands, but Jurong Island, Pulau Tekong, Pulau Unbin, and Sentosa are the larger ones. We are 1 degree north of the equator in a tropical enviorment. Our average annual rainfall is 2,340 mm. Our temperature can reach 95 degrees at some times which is good for going to the beach. We have lots of igneous rock like granite found on our islands, along with other materials.

People and Culture

Singapore is a wonderful country with approximetly 5.2 million people. We speak English, Mandarin Chinese, Malay, Tamil, and more. English is the main language of our country, but around 50% of people speak Mandarin at their homes. Malay is used in our national anthem, but not everyone speaks in Malay.

The three main religions of Singapore are Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism. The government emphasizes respect for other religions though to keep people from feeling discriminated. We believe tha we should have a democracy along with peace, justice, and equitity.

We hold several festivals a year including the Chinese New Year, Buddhist Vesak Day, Hindu Diwali, and more. We offer a diverse selection of food in Singapore with different meals all around the country prepared by different types of people. We have Malay ingrediants, Tamil food, and much more. We like to use creative writing in our culture also.

Government and Citizenship

Here in Singapore, you are allowed to vote as long as you meet these requirements. First, you must be at least 21 years old which is a reasonable age. Second, you have to be a citizen. Third, you have to be deemed an ordinary resident of Singapore. Here we cherish education, and have earned our selves a strong brand name because of our outstanding public school system. We attract many foreign students and offer high quality education. We treat everyone fairly here.

Our judicial power rests in the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court is made up of the High Court, and the Court of Appeal. We have abolished jury trials, and replaced them with the Criminal Procedure Code. We have a reputation for our fairness and impartiality in commercial laws. We are a popular place for arbitration trials in Southeast Asia. We were rated the best judicial system in all of Asia.


Here we have a highly developed free market economy. Our government interferes with it, but all it does is help achieve success. We hold stable prices and low taxes too. We export things like technology, chemicals, services and more so we can be a more wealthy country. With this wealth we help the citizens by bringing in raw materials which we do not have available. The Port of Singapore is the busiest port in the world constantly carrying out our supplies for the rest of the world to use. We are the financial center of all of Southeast Asia. We also use our money for research in biotechnology and electronics. Our unemployment rate is only 2.2 percent!

We export the following: Computers, computer accessories, crude oil, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, mineral fluids, and chemicals. Our total exporting value is over 352 billion U.S. dollars.