Absolute Monarchy

Call me Queen, please!

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How Absolute Monarchy Works

In an Absolute Monarchy, the Queen or King has complete and total power of their citizens. They are not limited in any way by laws or a Constitution.

Definition of Absolute Monarchy

Royal people (Kings, Queen, Princes, Princesses) hold the total power in their nation. They have continuance power until they die. But when they die, power is passed down to the eldest son. If the oldest son isn't living, it is usually passed down to a brother or a cousin. It can be passed down to their oldest daughter instead.

Would I Like to Live Under This Government Type? Why or Why Not?

I would not like to live under Absolut Monarchy because when you are Queen or King, shutterbugs (also known as Paparazzi) could be chasing you and you will be running away from them. Paparazzi could cause you to have a extreme car wreckage. The car wreck could either leave you with major injuries or die. That is why I don't want to be under this government type!

Two Countries That Have This Government Type

1) Saudi Arabia


2) Brunei