Peter The Great

By: Hunter Sandler

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  1. Interested in new technology

  2. Very curious about everything

  3. Inventor

  4. autocratic

  5. He had his own way of doing things

  6. Spread serfdom

  7. mercantilist policies

  8. King of rude when it came to other mostly selfish


  1. Founded the capital st petersburg

  2. Really modernized russia

  3. Removed taxes

  4. Went to europe to see rulers to become a better one and learned many things from them

  5. Enrolled into the war on sweden

  6. Great initiated the Russo-Turkish war but again was unsuccessful

  7. introduced a poll tax which unlike previous taxes paid by land and property owners was now paid by paupers and serfs.


  1. Peter the Great died on February the 8th 1725 aged fifty two years. Peter the Great had reigned for forty two years. His body was laid to rest in a tomb in the Peter and Paul Cathedral in St Peters-burg.

Interesting Facts

  1. He was 6' 8"
  2. Taxed people for growing beards
  3. He was the 14th child
  4. He had 11 children and many died young
  5. He got the throne at 15 years old