Presidential Debate 2032

Lett(R) Vs. Wisniewski(D) 8/11/32

Debate Information

The debate on June 10th went very well for both candidates. Each of them were very eager to talk and received positive feedback from the audience throughout the night. Casey focused on helping the poverty stricken while Dustin had his main points of solving the conflict with Russia. As we continue to learn about what each candidate has to offer, it is hard to determine if there was a real winner who came out of the debate or even for November as they are keeping even pace with one another throughout the entire campaign.

Republican Dustin Lett

Dustin Lett Summary

Dustin Lett is a businessman turned senator from Connecticut who has tried to run for president once before in the 2028 election. Dustin has received much more attention this time around and managed to win the republican primary. Dustin specializes in budget making and foreign policy management. He claims he can help bring end to our war with Russia by the end of his term. Dustin really hopes to follow up current republic president Scott Walker to keep his party in office.

Dustin Positive Critic review

I have been following this candidate since he first starting running in the 2028 election. He is a person who gets along with many people. He relates himself to them and makes it seem like he is just another American. He wants to end the tension with America and Russia by any means possible. He want the American people to feel safe again and doesn't want a war. This man knows how to fix the ecomine because he is a businessman. His plan is to not increase taxes but to make more jobs in America. Many voters like how he didn't want to raise taxes. This was a smart move for Dustin. Dustin said “when I get in office the first thing I’m going to do is make more jobs for America”

-Sara Ryan

Dustin Negative Critic review

Dustin’s plan to fix the American tension with Russia is unclear. He keeps saying that he will end the war but doesn't have a clear plan. This is because he has little to no knowledge of war. He also has a weak Education he only went to college for 3 years and then dropped to pursue in his business which then ended being a successful business. Dustin also has a tough time answering tough question during important debates. A lot of times he doesn't answer the question clearly or doesn't answer the question at all. He also seemed to repeat a lot of the things he says like saying “I can give America jobs” or “We can end this war with Russia” but again doesn't have plan on how he's going to do that.

-Michelle Obama

Casey Wisniewski Democrate

Casey Wisnieski

Casey Wisniewski is a senator from Illinois who won the democratic primary by an overwhelming amount over fellow candidates. He has been known to specialize in topics such as pollution containment, economics and community management. He promises to help distribute the wealth among the lower class and cut down the negative externalities of big business to the environment. He would be the first democrat in office since the 2016 election where Hillary Clinton barely beat Donald Trump.

Casey Positive Critic review

I have been following this candidate since he first ran for Illinois senator and saw nothing but sublime political awareness. His performance last night left none of his followers with disappointment. Casey Wisniewski is a man of the people and wants nothing but the well being of every American citizen. His ideas of eliminating the lower class show initiative, an essential trait for the president. Also his policies on pollution intrigue people as well. I was smart how he mentioned that the past few decades pollution has been a topic that politicians dance around but never get it done but says now is the time to act. The people feel that Casey will finally be the person that we need to correct the environmental malice big businesses put on our land. He has mine and should have your vote for this election.

-Author James Clinton

Casey Negative Critic review

Casey Wisniewski’s radical stances on fixing the lower class and his unmeatable standards for business pollution make him the wrong option for president. His ideas last night were basically enact borderline socialist policies and also make businesses pay millions of dollars to meet regulations to cause them to go out of business. What America should focus on right now is the war that we are in with Russia which Casey has taken no direct stance on. If we can't trust him to protect our nation, how do we know if any of his programs would be worthwhile. There are bigger problems to be focusing on nowadays that Casey is not a reliable candidate for. Who we need is Dustin let, a candidate more fit for the problems of today

-Henry Bush

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