Tech Cards

Brought to us by the Bentonville Public Library

What is the Tech Card Program?

Bentonville Public Library (BPL) is excited to partner with the Bentonville School District to provide your students with a BPL Tech Card for in-school and in-home use. The cards will be utilized to access free educational resources through a dedicated portal created just for students on the library's website.

Some grades have chosen to send the cards home, and others keep them at school. Your child's teacher may have sent a copy of their card home. If you have a Bentonville Public Library card of your own, you can access all of these great resources using that card as well!

Student Portal

Below are a few of the resources, for K-4, that are provided to your children through the Tech Card Program. Most of these resources will be used in their classrooms, but some that can provide useful activities at home as well.

To access these materials at home, you will need:

-Tech Card "library" number

- pin #: 1234

-Some ask for zip code/phone number. Please use the schools: 72712 and 479-254-5720

All of these resources can also be accessed using your own personal Bentonville Public Library Card.

At home use of Library 2 Go: eReading Room for Kids

Library 2 Go is a fantastic resource that allows even more books for you child. Library 2 Go is the eLibrary for Bentonville Public Library. Everyone in your home will have access to ALL digital books at the Bentonville Public Library through Library 2 Go. The eReading Room is just a "Shelf" tailored for elementary students. There is also a Teen Reading Room, and of course the main Library 2 Go where you will find all books: adult, teens, and children.

You can access this resource from any device. Below you will find tips and tricks on how to use Library 2 Go.

Overdrive App For Library 2 Go

Library 2 Go can be used on a laptop/desktop or on any device.

When using on a laptop/desktop: You will just click on Library 2 Go on the portal, and you will do all of your check out and reading on the brower. Internet is needed.

All other devices (phone, iPads, Kindles, etc.): You will need to download the above free app. You will need to create an account with the app (very easy, just need to add an email). Then you search for Bentonville Public Library (see above picture), they the Library 2 Go will be on your Overdrive App.

Once you have the app with BPL's Library 2 Go, you can download your books and read them without WiFi.