Waste Reduction in Hotels

Lowering Their Disposal Costs

What it Means to Reduce Waste

Reducing waste in Hotels is any way that the hotel limits the amount of waste they are sending to the landfill. This could be through recycling, donating left over products, composting left over product, or anything else similar to that.

Recycling Bins in Rooms

In order to reduce the amount of recyclable materials that the hotel is bringing to the landfill, many hotels have started putting recycling bins in each of their guest rooms. These recycling bins significantly lower their solid waste. While it is more work for hotel workers to separate out all the different components, it adds a social benefit because most people are very happy to see that there is a recycling bin in their room because it shows that the hotel is trying to be more ecofriendly. This picture is from the Scandic Grand Hotel in Switzerland which has implemented the recycling bins in every room.
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Composting Food Waste

Hotels generate a lot of food waste if they have a kitchen. This food waste can be greatly reduced by simply composting the food waste instead. This compost can be used for the hotel's garden, for decoration or practicality (such as growing herbs and vegetables there). This helps the environment because instead of going to a landfill which are extremely bad for the environment, it's going back into the Earth. The picture below shows the pros of a compost bin.
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Donating Unused Product

Unused or partially used products such as shampoo, conditioner, and food scraps can be donated to local shelters. This reduces the amount of waste that is going out of the hotel while at the same time helps the less fortunate.This not only helps the environment by reducing the amount of waste going to the landfill, it also is a social benefit by helping those who need it.
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