EastView Wildcat News for Families

Week of 8/3/22

Message from Mrs. Ford, EV Principal

Welcome Back, Wildcats!

Our school is open, clean, and ready with teachers excited to teach your student(s) this week. Our teachers and staff members have been busy planning and preparing for the return of students. We know that we are going to have some challenges this semester, but we hope that we will be able to continue in-person learning. We will continue to clean and implement hand washing procedures. We will do our best each day to help keep everyone as safe as possible. Our students and staff are amazing and resilient.

EastView will continue to maintain high expectations in all academic areas. Your children are important and we know that they are going to thrive when they are back in school full-time.

Come to school each day with a POSITIVE ATTITUDE, PREPARED, and READY to LEARN!


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Renewal is required each school year. Please apply if you think you qualify. If you qualified in the past, you still need to apply for this school year.

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EastView Handbook

August 3rd Abbreviated Day Plan

Kid attendance is not required. If you cannot make it to the meeting, please check email for information that was covered during the meeting. We want to keep everyone informed.

Kids should only attend if they are accompanied by an adult staying for the parent meeting. There is no bus transportation or breakfast on this day. Students and parents leave after the meetings. This "Meet and Greet" opportunity will help parents and students prepare for the year.

Parents may park in the front, back, or the Rec. DOORS OPEN AT 8:05 am.

Meetings will be in cafe and the gym.

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School Fees - Supply/Paper Fee $15.00, OTC Meds $5; Computer Insurance Option $30.

Car Tags - New students receive 2 tags, Additional tags $2.00 each, Tags may only be purchased by parents/guardians photo ID.

School Nurse - Turn in any required paperwork (birth certificate, immunizations, etc.), Medication Permission Form (if med taken at school), OTC Permission Form $5.00 annual fee option.

Cash or check is accepted. Please have exact change if possible when paying cash.

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Thank you, GSIA!

After School Options for EV Students

*YMCA - Please register with the YMCA. They will provide after school transportation.

*ESP- Please pick up registration information on Aug. 3rd at the Infomation Tables.

Boys 'N Girl Club - EV students may attend. HOWEVER, EV does not offer transportation to the B&G club. Please register with the B & G club, but do plan your own transportation.

EASTVIEW Recreation Center - The rec is closed until further notice. As of now, they will not have a program.

There will be a T/Th Tutoring Program for students in grades 3-5 based on teacher referral. More information to follow.

Project On Track will be an option for students in 1st - 3rd grades on M/W based on teacher referral. More information to follow.

Friday, August 5th

  • Students in grades 1st - 5th are required to attend this full day (except for kindergarten who follow the staggered schedule; letters were mailed). Preschool will also follow the directions from their teacher.
  • Students may eat breakfast and lunch at school or may pack a lunch. Menu below. Students do not eat free this year. However, you can apply for free/reduced lunch if you think you qualify.
  • School begins dismissal at 3:00 pm
  • Read all the arrival and dismissal information below.
  • Students may bring school supplies to school.
  • Students need to KNOW how they are getting home after school. (Bus, Front parking, etc) Send a note or email the teacher if you are unsure your child will know.


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Arrival to School Procedures

DO NOT PASS CARS BECAUSE KIDS LOAD ON BOTH SIDES. GCPD/SRO can and will write tickets for this violation.

School doors open at 7:15 am at the front and the back for families who need this accommodation. If you do not need this accommodation, we recommend that you do not arrive this early. This time makes for a long wait time for students.

Unloading: Please practice buckling/unbuckling and try to unload 3 cars at a time. Once you are at the front entrance or the back sidewalk you may begin unloading. You do not have to be the first car in order to unload.

Younger Students: Younger students will need your helping getting them out of the car and loaded with backpack, lunch box, etc. and to the safety of the sidewalk before leaving. Staff will not be available to help unload cars.


School doors are open in the front and the back until 8:15 am. At 8:15 am doors are locked. PARENTS MUST BRING STUDENTS IN THIS YEAR AND SIGN THEM IN WITH THE SECRETARY OR NURSE. Students are counted tardy after this time and will need to be brought to the front to be signed in the adult bringing them to school. 5 unexcused tardies = 1 unexcused absence


Breakfast is served from 7:30-8:00. Breakfast is available to all please arrive by 7:45 in order to have time to eat in the cafe.


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DISMISSAL Procedures

DO NOT PASS CARS BECAUSE KIDS LOAD ON BOTH SIDES. GCPD/SRO can and will write tickets for this violation.

Please make sure your child and teacher knows your child's dismissal plan (bus, front car rider, or back car rider. Must pick one and not switch unless the office is notified.

Front Riders- This is the front of the school facing the Splash Pad (Bernard Ave) CAR LINE OPENS AT 2:30 PM If you arrive earlier, you are considered a trespasser and will be asked to leave and return. (per Greeneville Police Department/Greeneville City Schools)

Back Riders - This is the back of the school facing the baseball fields. PRE- K DISMISSES AT 2:30 PM. CAR LINE OPENS AT 2:40 PM (If you arrive earlier, you are considered a trespasser and will be asked to leave and return. (per Greeneville Police Department/Greeneville City Schools)

Due to traffic issues on Bernard and Barton Ridge, we typically begin loading cars at 3:05 pm.

NEW THIS YEAR: ONLY STUDENTS IN GRADES 2-5 can cross the back parking lot to the parked cars in gravel. Students in K/1 will not be allowed to cross, so the main line will be a better choice for your family.

Car Tags:

We will be checking all cars for car tags. If you do not have car tags (new students and kindergarten) they will be available on Aug. 3rd at the parent meeting, or in the EV office afterwards. If you need more car tags they can be purchased in the office for $2.00.

If you do not have a car tag, you will be asked to park until we can get clearance from the office based on your driver's license information. THIS PROCEDURE IS TO PROTECT YOUR CHILD. We never want to make a mistake in this area of safety.

All students should be picked up by 3:30 pm. If you need childcare after 3:30 pm, please make arrangements for ESP, EastView's after school care. Ms. Connie can get you the enrollment information. The YMCA also picks up students from EV each afternoon.

Currently, we will not have an after school program at the Rec. We also do not have bus transportation to the Boys and Girls Club.

Masks, Water Bottles, and PE Shoes

Personal Items for Students

Please send an EMPTY water bottle with your child's name LABELED in LARGE LETTERS. Water bottles will be refilled at water stations throughout the day and water fountains are closed for student drinking.

Rooms are air conditioned and may seem cold at times. Your child may bring a sweatshirt or light coat. PLEASE write your child's name on the tag. These items are lost often.

PE Days = Tennis Shoes for safe play. Schedules will be reviewed at Parent Meetings on Wednesday.

Masks are available but not required for all students and staff.

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SAVE THE DATE: August 30th Open House/Book Fair and GSIA membership/volunteer sign ups

First Full Week of School: Aug.8-11

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If you have a school computer, bring it to school charged and ready. CHARGE AND RESTART YOUR COMPUTER BEFORE AUGUST 5th

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