Catera Dillard

Why we should be concerned

Orcas are sea creatures that are emotional, smart, and kind they shouldn't be taken from their home to amuse us for entertainment.In the documentary Blackfish the film capture how sea animals are being captured for entertainment. Seaworld hurt and affect these animals and humans. Even though those are not Seaworld intentions they still shouldnt be doing this.

Seaworld is blind

Seaworld is known for their Orcas shows and being so careful with animals. But people don't realize Seaworld is damaging these animals just by having them out of thier natural habitat, taking them away from their family, and having them somewhere that dont fit them.

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This affects affects everyone

Animals touches everyone in a way because they are the closest thing to an human being They have emotions and they have a heart just like us. So why are we be be capturing them and treating them wrong.