A Million Ways Home

By Dianna Dorisi Winget

Poppy Parker

Will poppy get to see her grandmother or get herself into something to big?


A Million Ways Home is a story about a girl named poppy go's off on her own to see her grandmother. And on the way she gets her sell in a crime so office Trey has her stay with his mother.And when she's there she meets a dog named Gunner and tries to make him a police dog. And in the book sadly Poppy's grandmother dies. So after the funeral they caught the bad guy and poppy went to live with Marit (Treys mom).

Product Detalls

* Age Range: 8 - 11

* Grade Level: 3 - 7

* Paperback: 242

*Publisher: Scholastic press

* Language: English

Best Quotes from A Million ways Home

"I pictured Gunner sitting beside me, strong and steady enough to lean against."

"Tears Jumped to my eyes, and I had to squeeze them hard fore a minute before I could keep reading."

"Trey ," I gasped ,"he's her at the park .Frank? Has he seen you?"yeah."

Editorial Review

A Million Ways Home is a great story about a girl how wants to see her grandmother. Poppy Parker is a very advancers and determined girl how wants to see her grandmother. Poppy goes off on her own she get into a crime. And she has to go stay with officer Treys mother Marti. There are a lot of sad and some proud parts'. Like when gunner past his test to be a police dog. And in the end Poppy go's to live with Marti. And the life lesson is that life is not just all fun in games it is a lot of work. This is an awesome book for 3rd through 5th grade.

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