The Abuse Of Petroleum

How it effects the environment? What can we do to stop it ?

How do we use petroleum in our every day lives?

Believe it or not, but there is a very long list of items which involves the use of petroleum. Some examples of products/items we use every day that contain petroleum are....

  • we generate large power ships by using bunker fuels
  • all detergents that we use to clean clothes/hands are made from petrochemical glycerin
  • all plastics except bio plastic are made up of petrochemicals
  • jet fuel
  • diesel fuel
  • heating oil to fuel up fuel furnaces
  • synthetic rubber ( cars tire)
  • synthetic fibers ( polyester, nylon, and acrylic)
  • fertilizers and pesticides
  • paint
  • gasoline
  • make up
  • medicine
  • candles

Other uses of petroleum

How will the loss of petroleum effect the environment and humans?

The loss of petroleum will effect us in many ways. Since petroleum is one of the most major important resource we use in our daily lives and if we did not have anymore then we will not be able to present some of the activities or generate products anymore!!! Some effects that the environment will have an impact on would be...

  • no vehicles will be generated( cars, trucks, vans, airplanes)
  • when their will be no more gas to generate vehicles then we will have to make or mine for other resources which destroys land forms that are developed or were during the process of it
  • some ovens that involve gas to operate them will not work
  • fuel furnaces will not be able to generate
  • carbon dioxide will not release into the air since we cannot dig holes to hunt for petroleum
  • no available petrochemicals which means that we will have no more makeup, medicines, candles, paint, fertilizers, pesticides, plastics
  • no more gardening or toxic fertilizers and liquids will be made ( which can cause the grass, plants and trees to die )- if not properly treated

How can you stand up?

As you all know that petroleum is one of the most precious and important natural resource that we have and need. If we keep on continuing this for the next few years, then there would be one day when all the petroleum will be gone. Research finds that if this continues then we will run out of petroleum in the year of 2060. In order to stop this and help save our petroleum you will have to stand up!! To stand up you can...

  • stop wasting petroleum
  • tell the community around you ( make them aware of this issue)
  • if you see someone over using petroleum, stand up and speak
  • walk or ride a bike to school instead of coming on any vehicle
  • get an electricity stove instead of a gas
To sum up just make sure you do not over use it because when petroleum is gone, its gone and then you will realize the importance of petroleum.