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September 13, 2021

Upcoming Dates

September 14th- 6th Grade Sunshine House is at the School Forest all day

September 15th- October 15th- National Hispanic and Latinx Heritage Month

September 16th- 6th Grade Blue Sky House is at the School Forest all day

September 16th- Mexican Independence Day

September 22nd- 6th Grade Goldmine House is at the School Forest all day

September 27th- Picture Retake Day

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Vision Screening & Vaccines

Vision Screening

There will be an all school vision screening on Tuesday 9/21, Wednesday 9/22, and Thursday 9/23. It is very important that if your student wears glasses that they have the glasses with them for the vision screening. Please make sure they have their glasses each of these 3 days.

You will receive a contact via mail if your student's screening resulted in a need for a professional examination. If you do not get a contact via the mail, your child passed.


Guardians of students in grades 5th, 6th, and 7th grade, have required vaccinations they need. Students entering 6th grade (age 11) are required by law to receive a booster vaccine of Tdap (Tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis). Other recommended preteen and teen vaccines include:

  • Meningococcal-protects against the bacteria that causes meningitis

  • HPV-protects against cancers and other diseases caused by human papillomavirus

  • Annual flu shot

  • COVID-19 vaccine

Click here for more information.

If you receive information via mail your child is behind in the required vaccinations. Jenny Hinz, Washington School Nurse will be reaching out to each family directly in the next few weeks. Please schedule an appointment to get these required vaccines.

SWIRL: Our School Goal

SWIRL is The Washington Middle School Goal this year. We wanted you all to know what we are focusing on this year and what you can expect to hear from your learners. SWIRL stands for Speaking, Writing, Interacting, Reading, and Listening.

One of our strengths at Washington is our teams. Every teacher has a team, every team has a time and every time has a purpose. The purpose this year is to design learning for our school goal: Every student, every day in every class will have opportunities to demonstrate their learning in the language skills of SWIRL. Every staff member is committed to this goal for our students.

Together, we have taken many steps in that direction this year. In thinking about the goal for the course of the whole year, we have developed a Washington Staff Learning Plan that outlines the support structures in place to help us move toward our goal. Teachers, other staff and students have the support of teamwork as we work together toward this goal.

Activities and Athletics...

Washington Sports Report Fall 2021:

If your child/ learner is interested in participating in sports there is paperwork that is required. Below is the list of the required paperwork and linked for your convenience.

Sports Sign up & Paperwork can be completed & turned in @ Washington office

Please read ---> MPSD Code of Conduct

Please complete & sign ----> Athletic Code Agreement Form

Please complete & sign ----->Medical Forms

Ben Henry is the Athletic Coordinator at Washington Middle School. If you have any questions and need clarification please reach out to Mr. Henry. Email or the Coach for the specific sport you have a question about.

Fall Coaches and Schedules linked HERE

News To Share

  • Water Bottles: Students are encouraged to bring in their own water bottle to fill up through out the day. Due to Covid Restrictions, our bubblers will not be accessible, but the water bottle stations are still open.
  • Picture Retake: Monday September 27th. Students who did not have their pictures taken in August will have them taken on this day and they will receive their student ID.
  • Morning Drop Off: Students will continue to line up by their assigned door in the morning. Teachers will be outside starting at 7:30 and would love to greet every one of their students then. Teachers will start bringing students to their lockers and then to advisory class for breakfast at 7:35. School starts a 7:45am. If you child arrives after 7:45, they will need to enter the main entrance to check-in in the office.
  • Blue/ Gold or A/B/C Day Calendar: Here is a link to the entire year calendar for Blue/Gold or A/B/C days. Your learners electives may alternate between days based on what day it is.
  • Friday Folders- Students will receive a blue Friday Folder from school. Their advisory teacher will help students stuff the folders with information from school that needs to be brought home. Friday folders will go home on Friday. Please ask your learner to see their Friday Folder over the weekend. We are asking that students bring their Friday Folders back to advisory on Monday.
  • Masks- Student and staff are required to wear a mask while inside the school building.
  • Cell Phones- If students bring their cell phones to school, our policy is that cell phones need to be kept in student's locker for the duration of the day. If students do not follow this policy they will asked to put their cell phone in their locker or the cell phone will be brought to the office. We are asking loved ones to remind students of this policy.

House Team Updates