The Ultimate Playground

Jeremy Marinello and Corey Preston

Define The Problem

We are trying to develop a more fun, safer, playground for children. The playground must be safe, but at the same time fun to children. It should have fun obstacles that will keep child entertained for long periods of time.


Kids generally like to slides, of course, but they also like to challenge other children. We as children always challenged other children to who can swing the highest or who can get farther on the monkey bars. The usual elements on a playground is a slide, monkey bars, ladders, rock climbs, and bridges.

Develop Possible Solutions

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Create A Prototype

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Test And Evaluate

The playground has railing so that children will now fall off of the playground and even if they do fall of, the playground is not too high off the ground so that if someone does fall of, they will not get seriously injured.


At the beginning, we had designed a playground with four towers which we later cut into half to save time. After which we completely redesigned the whole playground to what is now our final product.