risk free :p

by callum samuel

healty and safety health instructor

when you are being trained it is important that you check if your client has broke any bones in his body or has any heart attcks because you need to know how hard you can pushg your client to where they need to be. if you over push them there could be a possibility that it could happen again. the area should be clear of the things that could cause harm for example there should be a check of broken glass and water around when training, you should check before and after.

gym equipment instrutions

when you go to train your client you must make sure all the equipment is safe to use and you must make sure you train your client how to use the equipment so therefore this could reduce the harm of your clients. to ensure your client knows how to use the equipment properly and safely you need to ensure that you firstly teach them how to react incase of an emergency

area risk assesment

To make sure it is okay to train you need to do the following things which are making sure the area is safe, this includes no water spillages or any drink that has been spilt around the area. you also need to make sure that the equipment is put back properly and no equipment is left around becasue you can trip over it and cause serious harm. it is the instructors responsibility to make sure the working enviroment is safe because if your client gets harmed it is your responsiblity for their injures. it is also there job to make it safe for other users not just for their client.