Calin McGuire

What is a Natural Gas and where is it found?

A Natural Gas is a fossil fuel. Therefore, it is not a renewable resource. Scientist believe that natural gases were made from the remains of ancient sea life. In other words, when the fish/plants died, they nk to the bottom of the ocean where sediment would cover them. Overtime, it would keep building up until the pressure (forming sediment rocks) and the heat from Earth turning the sediment rocks into natural gases.

How do Natural Gases help the environment?

Natural Gas is one of the cleanest burning fossil fuel. Compared to coal and petroleum, it doesn't release as much sulfur, carbon dioxide, and ash when it's burned. Also, it provides clean energy for a wide range of uses. Such as, home-heating, reducing pollution from cars, and generating electricity. When burned, natural gas emits 45% less carbon dioxide than coal and 30% less carbon dioxide than oil.

Who Uses Natural Gas?

Natural Gas is an ingredient used in fertilizer, glue, paint, laundry detergent, and many other products. Homes use natural gas for heat. Natural gas can also be used to generate electricity. Most power plants use natural gas because it's one of the cleanest fuels to burn.
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