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Final Transcripts Update

Middle College Update 6/10/15

Hello, Families--

I just wanted to let you know that all student transcripts have been updated with final college grades for Spring semester--that's the part I add manually. These transcripts serve as students' "report cards" in Middle College. Please go into Infinite Campus to check your transcript (let me know if you see any errors). If you have trouble accessing Infinite Campus, you can contact Chris ( for help.

The high school class final grades are not yet on the transcript--they should be "rolling over" from the district system anytime now. All of us Middle College instructors have entered those grades--the system on the district's end just needs to catch-up a bit.

There are a few students I have contacted to make some schedule changes based upon spring grades.

A reminder to seniors: if you need final transcripts sent to your colleges you will need to request that an official copy be sent from your home high school. By next week I assume all transcripts should be ready to go.

Thanks--and have a great summer,

:-) jen b.