The Great War

It isn't so Great

A letter to a pro war activist

Dear, Jessie Pope

Your poem about the war was very interesting, it even made me think about joining the war and support my country. I love adrenaline, shooting, and pride. Then I sat down and thought about it. What are the conditions we will be fighting in? How ling will I be at war? Why are we at war? Answer these questions Jessie.


A Letter From a Veteran

The war isn't all it's cracked up to be. The papers say that war is fun, war is good, war is easy. They are all wrong. War is scary, war is miserable, war is torture. How should I know? I have been there, fighting in the flooded trenches, unable to sleep for weeks at a time due to fear of a sneak attack, watching my friends die next to me from disease. If you are going to advertise the war, tell the truth.