Iditarod Musher

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Who are the Iditarod mushers?

  • Susan Butcher is the champion's of champion
  • She won the Iditarod race four times
  • The oldest person to enter was Norman Vaughan
  • Martin Buser holds the speed record
  • Rachael scdoris did the Iditarod blind
  • Rachael is the first blind athlete to complete in the Iditarod
  • She finished 57th place
  • It was her dream to compete in Iditarod
  • she was born with a vision disorder called congenital achromatopsia

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What is Iditarod?

  • Iditarod means "distant places"
  • Musher means " to march"
  • It cost $10,000 to enter Iditarod
  • Iditarod is a dangerous and grueling race
  • winner is determined by first dog that crosses finish line

Where are the Iditarod mushers?

How do the Iditarod mushers race?

  • race with dogs
  • Rachael needs someone to spot the flags
  • dogs must be able to work as a team
  • dogs must have microchips
  • dogs are taken to the vet the day of the race
  • Rachael needs someone with her when racing

Why do the Iditarod Mushers race?

  • for fun
  • for the money
  • as a hobby