New ECSE Training!

Providing Embedded SE Services in an Inclusive PreK Setting

Providing Embedded Special Education Services in an Inclusive Preschool Setting

This three day training will provide participants with the knowledge and skills they need to effectively plan and implement a variety of special education services and strategies within a general education preschool environment. Topics will include underlying philosophies of early childhood education, an overview of developmentally appropriate practices, benefits and challenges of a "push-in" model of service delivery, incorporating child strengths and interests, embedded learning opportunities, collaborative teaming, writing meaningful PLAAFPs, goals and objectives, and more!

Part 1 will take place over 2 back-to-back days at the end of August. Part 2 will take place on the attendees' choice of 2 days at the end of January 2020 so we can work in smaller groups to participate in problem-solving and learn more in-depth skills.

August 26, 27, 2019 and January 28 or 29, 2020


Oakland Schools Main Campus

Appropriate for ECSE Teachers and any Ancillary Staff who work with preschool-age children.