Good or Bad ?

Manifest Destinty

What is Manifest Destiny

Manifest destiny was the belief of Texas exspanding towards the U.S. , and to belive that it was their destany to move west. Which leads us to our questions was Manifest Destiny good or bad ? If it was good, bad, why was it, or how did this even happen ? Well if you have those same questions you should probably keep reading this article. Or if you don't well... still keep reading.

American POV (point of view)

So how did manifest destiny even start ?

Well it started with the annexation of Texas. When we were in major debt, and needed help. It was a very hard desion because some were afraid of picking home or the U.S. , exspanding slavery, dispute over the border, and also war with Mexico. At first the U.S. declind, so we tried again. Some countries like France, Great Britain, and Mexico because they didn't want the U.S. to bigger. So when they did accept Texas Manifest Destiny was born and gave us hope for us to move to the U.S., to become the 28th state.

American POV ( point of view )

It has always been a dream to exspand our land after what happed with Lamar, and with our debt.After the annexation we were so closer to Manifest Destiny I could taste it. Even though some of our black americans may become slaves it's for the greater good for our country. The one that i'm afriad though is that we might have some problems with Mexico we have the U.S. to help us.

Free Black American POV

I know its good that we are becoming bigger and bigger, but that sometimes isn't good if we get to much immagrants from other countries. Also that we are exspanding and everything but the one thing is that once I move, I lose all of my rights that I had in Texas. No home, land, nothing, all of the promises that they made to us Black Americans will be broken. That's why i moved to Texas, is for me to have my freedom as an american. To me Manifest Destiny means to exspand slavery. If anything does happen with Mexico we have the U.S. to back us up hopefully.

Good or bad ?

Well it seems to be both good and bad. It was good because we wouldn't be were we are now. Also bad becuase the Black americans went into slavery, also because we might go into war with Mexico. So here it is up to you to decide, was Manifest Destiny a good or bad ?