Ouija Board

By: Amber Millice

How do you play?

On the board there is an alphabet and the words yes and no on each side. The idea of the game is for two or more players to ask questions it will connect with the “spirit world.” The spirits will answer questions by spelling out words or moving the players hands towards yes or no. Always ask if the spirit is a nice or a mean sprit and always make sure to say "goodbye" once you finish the game because if you do get a mean spirit there is a chance of one "haunting" you. This is why some people are too afriad to play the game.

Ouija Board History

-invented by Elijah Bond in the 19th century

- the name came from using the board and was an ancient word meaning "goodluck"

-it was first sold in 1982 for $1.50

-it is the first game that lets you communicate with spirits

-it does not say the first time anyone played itn

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What makes the board so mysterious?

Basically everything about the Ouija board makes it mysterious but some main things are that people have said that they have experienced paranormal activity after playing and no body knows exactly how the board connects to the spirit world.

Modern Research

-the board is also known as "Satan's game"

-communicate with spirits

-you can buy them at places such as target, walmart, ect.

Ouija Board Theories

One theory on how the board works is that instead of actually communicating with spirits you are just moving your hands to the answer but you do not realize it. This is called the ideometer effect. An example of this is if you tie a small item such as a button to a piece of string, hold one end of the string and hold your arm out. The weight will start to swing in small circles, then start to ask yourself questions if it moves clockwise the answer will be yes and if it moves counterclockwise the answer will be no. Even if your arm is almost completely still, the string will still move to answer your question.

dos and dont's when using the board

do not:

play the board when sick or alone

play in a graveyard

do not be disrespectful

mistreat the board

play with the lights on


play the board with other people

always say hello and goodbye

talk nicely