The Plowman

Canterbury Tales

Work Force

The plowman was a very godly man that worked hard for a living, his job had to be one of the nasty's and dirty's jobs there was he had to carry full carts of cow manure. The thing about the plowman he never complained know matter how bad it got. This shows us that this time period for farmers wasn't very easy and they had to all there plowing and planting with their hands. During the middle ages they didn't have industrial equipment which makes it harder than what we have it. The plowman's social standing wasn't very high he was just a pleasant which is very low on the ranking poll. A day for the plow man my be like waking up very early in the morning and going straight to the field and working all day till sun down he may get a small break sometime but it wouldn't be a long one. Once he got home he would eat supper with his family go to bed and start the same day over all over again. Chaucer doesn't really ever tell about the job decreption of the Plowman all he says is "Many a load of dung one time or other he must have carted through the morning dew." Today a plowman would be a farmer, instead of him carrying the manure around in a cart he would have a tractor that would spreed it for him and all he would have to do is drive around the tractor where he wanted it.


The plowman was there with his brother,

He job was to carry loads of poop

He had to carry it early in the morning.

The plowman was a hard and honest worker,

He lived in happiness and good morals

And he did as god wanted him to live

He loved God with all he had,

And treated his neighbor as he would want to be treated

He didn't let things get in his way

He always did his work

He had to shuck the corn, or dig in the cow manure

And make a ditch, he was always there to help the needy

The plowman always did the way God intended not taking anything that's not his

He helped all that he could

He always payed his tithes when they were due

The plowman payed off the things he had and gave his money.

He rode a horse, and wore a short jacket.

There was a Surf and a Miller,

A employee whose duties was to buy provisions for a college,

A man of the church that bought and sold pardons for the sinners,

A person that made people come to church court,

Last but not least there was me, that was all of us.

In line 555 is describes what the plowman wear by saying "he wore a tabard smock and rode a mare." which is a short jacket. In line 542-545 describes his personality, his personality was a very kind heart man and help people he was very honest and lived in peace. The words that helped add to his personality was good, true, living in peace, perfect chastity, and loving.

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Who Likes The Plowman

Chaucer didn't like many people, but he liked the plowman. He liked him because he was honest and did what any man should have done. The plowman lived life as a good christian man he loved God with everything he had, he payed what he owned when it was due and not late. That wasn't very common back then for someone to live that way honestly they mainly lied about there life style.