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What is bobsledding? Bobsledding is a national sport that men and women play in the Olympics. Bobsledding first started in the Swiss, Alps. The very first competition was held in 1898. Originally it was a five person game, but then was limited to four people because of safety issues and needed to decrease the weight limit.

What do bobsleds look like before and after?

The bobsled is formed to hold two or four people. There is a driver, two crewmen, and a brakeman. The driver steers the bobsled in the way that the course is set up. The driver uses his or her hands and feet to steer the bobsled.He or she has steering pulleys which move the runner. The runners are on the bottom of the bobsled. The steering pulley is attached to a steering axle. This is attached on the front bottom of the bobsled. Next is the two crewmen. They sit there and add more weight to the bobsled. Bobsleds need more weight to go faster in the race. This is why some bobsleds hold more than two people. The very last person is the brakeman. He or she helps push the bobsled and adds more weight to it. If there are two men in a sleigh maximum weight limit is 860 pounds. For two women the maximum weight limit is 750 pounds. This is with equipment.

Jasmine Fenlator

Jazmine Fenlator was born in Wayne, New Jersey on August 19,1985. She originally did track in high school. She ran track at Rider University. Jazmine Fenlator started bobsledding because her track coach suggested it. She weights 170 lbs. She likes to takes picture with family and friends. She post most of her pictures on Instagram and Twitter. Fenlator likes to retweet good luck wishes and fan mail. Jamzine Felator works out everyday to stay in shape. She has a personal trainer and works out with some of her team mates. Jazmine loves to get and make homemade good luck bracelets.

A Race To Watch.

One of Jazmine Fenlator's many races.
American Fenlator gets top 10 in Bobsled - from Universal Sports