Online Masters Degree

6 Wrong Reasons to Fear an Online Masters Degree

Although it has been decades since the first online universities came into being, many students still hesitate to opt for one, despite the huge number of benefits they offer. This phobia of online education is also witnessed in UAE despite the fact that it provides a valuable opportunity for girls to study online while remaining in purdah.

Many students fear to enroll themselves in distance learning universities because they believe the following falsehoods:

Fake Degrees: It is true that many universities that provide degrees onlinegrant fake degrees to students that are not accredited by any valid accreditation councils. But a student living in the UAE can easily ascertain whether the university he or she is applying for is accredited or not through verification of its background, a few well-placed calls inquiring about the organization that accredits it or a thorough search of its website.

Unacceptable Degrees: Many students appear to a job interview with an unaccredited masters online degree mentioned in his resume and when rejected, think it is because all online degrees are unacceptable to employers. That is untrue; even the most famous universities have their online versions where you can apply for masters degree online courses and be awarded a degree exactly like the one you would get in a traditional campus university.

Impersonal Education: Many students in UAE find virtual universities to be too impersonal as it does not allow for face-to-face contact. However, due to sophisticated multi-media software which allows students to e-mail, chat live, have discussions and view and listen to lectures, this objection can now easily be discarded.

Expensive Degrees: Many private online colleges that are well-respected may cost more than a small town traditional college or university, but a student is able to save money as online education cuts his travel expenses and boarding and lodgings expenses. As many online universities in US are quite expensive, a student can opt for a foreign one with good credibility.

Low-Budget Online Schools: Many students believe that online education is only provided by institutions that have a low budget. However many popular universities like the University of Cambridge and Illinois also offer online courses and students can choose to enroll in similar institutions.

Un-moderated and Easy Education: It is a myth that education provided by online universities is usually un-moderated and students frequently skip classes and assignments. Again untrue as respectable online university courses are just as hard as traditional university courses and can be easily failed due to negligence on part of the student.