Uranus and Neptune

The facts are for you

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The summers are long on Uranus, they last 21 years. 1 day on Uranus is equivalent to 27 Earth hours long, and a year on Uranus is equivalent to 84 earth years. Most planets in the solar system rotate on their axis however Uranus almost rotates on its side. Because of the planets side rotation its moons obit the planet’s equatorial plane.Uranus’ rings are the 2nd brightest rings after Saturn. Uranus is a gas giant and has no solid surface.Uranus has an atmosphere which contains mostly hydrogen and helium. Uranus appears to be a boring pale blue featureless world but looking at the planet with infrared you can see that Uranus has bands and cloud patterns. Uranus has 27 known moons the five main ones are called: Miranda, Ariel, Umbel, Titian, Oberon.


Neptune is almost as big as four of Earth’s length.  A day on Neptune is equivalent to  16 hours and 7 Earth minutes long. One year on Neptune is about 165 earth years.Neptune appears to be blue and green; this is because of the amount of methane in the atmosphere.Neptune has 13 moons, however there could be more. The most known moon is Triton