Children abducted and sold by gangs

The China they don't want us to see

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In What Ways are People Affected?

The places that are targeted like south-western Yunnan and Sichuan provinces, are affected because this makes their citties really unsafe and the families of the abducted children are obviously affected

Is Anything Being Done About the Problem?

It's been really hard the the police to find the underground markets that the children are being sold in, but since last year police having been rescuing women and children that were kidnapped by the gangs. In total, 24,092 women and children have been freed from the clutches of these gangs

Breif History of Government Policies

There aren't any policies or laws against child abduction that are free for the public to be informed of, but it is thought that the reason gangs and other people abduct children and sell them in underground markets is due to the fact that the Chinese government has a 1 child per family policy and a lot of the citizens aren't happy with that so they buy kids because they aren't allowed to conveice anymore because the government will make them give them up. So in hindsight, this whole situation is the government fault.

Who's Affected, How Many People are Affected?

Gangs target children, mostly boys, to abduct and bring to thriving underground markets that they have created to sell and buy them. It's unknown how many children have been or currently are in this trade.


Well personally, China having the policy that each family is permitted to only one child is bull. How are you going to tell someone how to live their life, dictating their personal decisions. That's like saying you can only be Christian or wear green sweaters during the week day. So the Chinese government needs to realize that this whole predicament is a logical result of this policy. So for one, I think they should abolish that policy and probably the accumulation of children being abducted will probably increase by 30-40% because the main clients in their black markets are people wanting to "unconstitutionally" adopt more children and sex slave people. So if 1 of the 2 main buyers was eliminated, there goes almost if not half of their "product".


This issue connects to the industrial revolution because these kids in China are being forced into sex slavery or being sold to strangers and forced to live with them and act like nothings wrong just as the children in the factories were forced to work and labor against their will with no positive outcomes. Another connection is if these kids are being abducted, they can't go to school, just as the children of the industrial revolution were deprived of an education because they were stuck laboring Instead.