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Why Black People Must Seek the Kingdom of God (Neter)?

The Cultural Revolution as the Solution for Black/African peoples of the World

According to, ‘Revolution’ means drastic action or change, a major change, rebellion, uprising, achievement, and alteration. Revolting for personal growth or social achievement.

Friends, You can change anything that You put your mind & energy into changing. Want to go from poverty to wealth? Want better & safer neighborhoods? Want to be a better person? Want your children to be wise & prosperous? Want to attract & keep the right kind of man or woman? Want improved social conditions? Want more divine favor? Whatever it is You desire, or want to experience, You must replace old thoughts & behaviors with New thoughts & New behavior, based upon New Inspirational Teachings.

How to achieve the divine abundant life, from a life of lack?
Dr.Nebkheperure, inspires us daily, by challenging us to transform negative attitudes & self-defeating behaviors, by reforming & empowering us to achieve the divine abundant life, manifesting in our personal lives, our family, and community…which is true and lasting revolutionary change in our lives! You deserve to be worry-free, successful, well-educated, in good health, culturally liberated, spiritually rejuvenated, living in abundance, which is the very best results in life.

What Kind of Revolution?
The “New Day Revolution” is the modern resuscitation of the Amarna Revolution instituted by Pharaoh Akhenaten, in Ancient Egypt (Kemet). The New Day Revolution is not the rebellion against a country or government, but a rebellion against how we have negatively self-governed our lives. When a person is inspired by the cultural revolutionary teachings of Dr. Nebkheperure, they begin the Inner-Self Revolution, and the results radiates outwardly, revitalizing our Self, our families, our community and nation, and even the world.

The secret to a true revolution that will last forever, is changing (revolutionizing) daily our lives, then we automatically change (revolutionize) and revitalize our communities, and nations, and the world. So the true revolution is for Us, is to change negative thinking, bad habits, poor choices, careless self-defeating attitudes & behaviors, or anything that hinders Us from achieving & manifesting progress, prosperity, happiness, and good health (the divine abundant life), which is very best results for our lives. The results of the New Day Revolution literally means a prosperous cultural people, living in good clean neighborhoods, plenty of money, well-mannered intelligent children, reduction in crime, less people in jail and prison, less drug/alcohol abuse, reduction in disease, increase of family and community love, a cultural community self-sustained with their own schools and businesses, gaining the respect of all cultures and nations of the world.

Why Join The New Day Revolution with Dr.Nebkheperure
Friends, today is a New Day, and yesterday is in the past, and tomorrow’s future will be increasingly prosperous, based on what You do, right now, today. Joining the “New Day Revolution” spiritually & culturally inspires you in your everyday life, to modify and achieve anything you put your mind and energy into doing. We do not have time to focusing on negativity of the past, or what others has done/doing, and surely not into blaming others (which automatically empowers others over you & your conditions). We can empower others nor look to them for change/improvements. We must take these New Day Teachings and accept the full responsibility of our community empowerment, to guarantee us a prosperous future, and joining with others in the Ancient Egyptian Assembly, We can manifest this.

The New Day teachings of Dr. Nebkheperure has brought us practical wisdom, good health, relief of stress, cultural & spiritual enlightenment, restoration in families, prosperity, harmonious relationships, liberation, peace, happiness, balance, Ma’at, and divine reconciliation, in the lives of countless people and families. No one can deny this.

Any and all people, groups, or communities, after going through great atrocities, have always grounded themselves by a singular philosophy, culture, and a big idea, then rallied behind their visionary leader, and those people were empowered to accomplish great things, even the creation of a new society and country (reference: Chinese Revolution, the Holocaust & founding of the modern State of Israel)…but it always started with the change of the minds and hearts of a people, and they uniting behind a new leader, with grand idea and vision to prosper them into the future.

Ankh! Udja! Seneb! Peace, Prosperity, and Good Health be unto you and your family.

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