Spring Cleaning Bonus

2% bonus on all purchases before April 30, 2012!

Spring is awesome.

And there is nothing quite as invigorating as a good spring cleaning. The sense of accomplishment from reclaiming your house from all the stuff that has accumulated over the winter; the smell of clean; the return of nice weather.

And now, we're making spring cleaning even better.

While you're throwing out all of that old stuff that you don't use any more, why not turn some of it in for cash?

Sure, we've all seen the advertisements on TV for some of the other gold buyers in the city, whose approach would make just about anybody feel ashamed to be doing business with them.

But Toronto Gold was founded mission to be a different kind of gold buyer. We pride ourselves on our honesty, transparency and the city's best payouts.

And now we're making Spring Cleaning even better. Come in to our store before April 30, 2012 and we'll give you a 2% bonus on anything you sell!

So come on by and turning that Spring Cleaning into something even better.