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Landscape of Belarus

In Belarus very rich landscape. In Belarus there are beautiful rivers and lakes, forests and hills in some places.

Lake Naroch

Lake Naroch is the largest lake in Belarus. In lake Naroch the clearest water. If you look at Lake Naroch bird's-eye view you can see that it is in the form of heart. Not far from Lake Naroch there is the National Children's Center "Zubrenok. Lake Naroch surrounded by forest.

Озеро Нарочь (Беларусь)

Braslav Lakes

Braslav Lakes - a group of lakes in the north of the country near the town of Braslav. Braslav lakes include the beautiful lakes Drivyaty, Snudy, Strusto and others. Many of these lakes are surrounded by picturesque forests in which there are many animals and beautiful plants. Braslav lakes include more than 50 reservoirs and 30 lakes are connected by a small, but beautiful rivers. In summer, tourists often visit these beautiful lakes.
Заповедники Беларуси Браславские озера

Mir Castle

Mir Castle is one of the most beautiful castles in Belarus.
Mir Castle is situated in the village Mir. Mir Castle is included in the UNESCO list.

Mir Castle is famous for the Legends that there still walks the ghost of Barbara Radziwill. According to legend, it was poisoned. Her husband wanted to see it after the death, but he could not touch her. But he touched her, and so the ghost of Barbara Radziwill still walks in the castle and scares tourists.