Language Arts with Mrs. Sparks

Unit 1 Update

Unit 1 Update

Hello all! Hope you are enjoying the start of fall and this beautiful weather. I want to update you of the progress of your students in Langauge Arts during the first unit centered on choices.

The students have successfully completed the first half of the unit! They studied personal narratives through analyzing elements of a good story, and they wrote their own personal narrative. I loved reading their narratives--they were wonderful! You should be proud of your student. They are graded and in iCampus, and I will return them this week. Be looking for those and be sure to read them sometime this week.

We are now transitioning into the second half of the unit focused on folklore. The students will be completing their own myth with a partner in a couple of weeks to conclude the unit. In the meantime, we will be researching gods and goddesses, reading and analyzing folklore, and discussing choices the characters and your students make.

At home you can discuss with your student different types of stories that are important to you, how stories impact our lives, and the impact that choices have on your life. Any outside reading is always encouraged! Read a book or story together! Check out my recommendations in the pictures below. (The Hunger Games, Hero, and Speak)

PS- Check out the Library Media Center's facebook page. It is a wonderful way to stay connected to the school and see what the library has to offer.