Peter AJ Lorenti

The one and only

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Born on 4th May 1993
A.K.A Star Wars Day (MAY the FOURTH be with you)

side note: No affiliation with Star Wars

Childhood Shame

Convinced by his very Italian-looking siblings that he was adopted


As a baby; learnt how to reach for things before discovering hands.

Took the leap of faith on a boot camp.

Scared a trashcan-dwelling monkey on Sentosa outside Singapore.
Once won $75 on a scratchie
Can drive manual
Has a drinking horn

Nearly drowned in Esperence (this is an achievement because I defeated DEATH)


Colour: Green
Plants: Twigs

Food: Creamy Potato Scollops

Desert: Turkish Delight

Movie: The Dark Knight

Childhood Movie: ACe Venturer, When Nature Calls
TV series: Community
Childhood TV series: Hercules, the legendary journey

Article of clothing: Jacket and some nice boots

Book: The Messenger, Markus Zusak
Book series: The Laws of Magic / A Song of Ice and Fire
Author: Terry Pratchett

The best thing about Peter that sets him above everyone else and truly makes him totally awesome


Circumstances surrounding his death

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Career Path. Past, Present and Future.

Originally wanted to be a paramedic/firefighter

Once wanted to be an engineer, but it was way too boring.

Discovered teaching as a great way to mould young minds and was passionate about helping people with their growth (and he likes the sound of his own voice)

Now wants to be a teacher and a part-time firefighter