Team Austin 1A

February 1, 2016

Janell Thach

Language Arts

Interactive read alouds:

Wake Up, Vladimir!

It's Groundhog Day!

Norman Fools the Tooth Fairy

Arthur's Valentine

Reader's Workshop

using compound word parts as a strategy for decoding

identifying base words with a suffix

retelling a story with character names, setting, details

Writer's Workshop:

Writing a piece to explain "why" using an opening sentence, closing sentence and giving at least 3 reasons

Editing your own writing

Word Work: ink, unk, bank, ang

high frequency words two, more, write

Please be sure to review your child's dictation from last week in the graded work coming home. We will continue to test on Friday in a dictation format. The week's spelling words will be used in a sentence they have to write down. It will also include a review of the high frequency words we have covered. They are posted on the Word Wall as resource. I will also be grading for beginning with a capital letter and using the correct punctuation.



Fast 10's (10+ any number)

Fast 9's (make a 10)

problem solving

Review for mid-year assessment:

place value

number sequence


We will be completing the district mid year math assessment this week.

Social Studies / Science

FOSS Kit: Rocks, Soil and Air

Identifying the characteristics of the seasons of the year and day and night

Demonstrating that air is all around us

Observing that wind is moving air

Observing and recording changes in the appearance of objects in the sky such as clouds and the sun


I will be on campus Wednesday but I will be working with students one on one to do the district mid year individual reading assessments. We will have a substitute. Many thanks to Mr. Hilton (and all that cookie dough fundraising) for providing this day. It is so much more efficient for our class time and provides the learners the opportunity to perform their best without distractions.

The class Valentine Party will be held on Friday, February 12 beginning at 2:00 p.m. Everyone is welcome to attend! Details will be coming this week regarding valentine cards and containers. For all you uber organized folks, plan a little "family time" to work on this! Thank you to our continuously fabulous room mothers for their work organizing this party!

Miss Ricciardelli is collecting magazines for a project if you have any extra "kid friendly" ones to contribute. Thank you!