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Russia Facts

Capital is Moscow


Largest City- Moscow

Area-6.602 square miles

population-143.5 million


Nickname - the bear

Song- they have a national anthem

motto- no official motto

Bird- tundra swan

Flower- camomile

Tree- birch

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Russia has changed there government many time they have gone in many direction such communist and monarchy both of which went down hill and they had kings that were good and some that were not so good. Peter the Great the once great king and Ivan the Terrible who was not that great of a king.


Russia's industry was mining, processing stone, metals,aircraft buildings,and aerospace production. Also they had pulp and paper production and a good automotive, and transport.
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Places to visit/Culture


hermitage museum-founded in 1764

Moscow Kremlin

Saint Basil's Cathedral


Many people are involved in religion and follow there culture or heritage and Russia has celebrations and when they many funerals for there kings that died when they were a monarchy.