September 6, 2013


star student Valerie

Valerie was generous enough to celebrate her recent birthday with us today. She not only brought us a fun treat but a much enjoyed necklace making activity as well. We spent the week looking at pictures about her family and learning about her likes and hobbies. Thank you Valerie!

a proud teacher

You should know that Ms Sonia and I hold your children to a high standard, as does ISP. These first-graders have really risen to the demands expected of them and model exemplary behavior and potential. Not only am I proud but I am also encouraged to challenge them and see just how far we can go together!

everyday math

We completed unit one this week! We finished by reviewing the thermometer and counting by 2s and 5s. The skip counting was a hard concept for our first-graders, not verbally, but certainly in print. Therefore, we will continue to practice it in unit two and beyond. Next week we will be introduced to number grids to work with numbers between 0 and 100 as well as calculators as a tool to aid in counting and calculating.


As we continue our unit on capitalization and punctuation the students are perfecting their editing skills. Each day my morning message is full of "errors" that the children correct. We recite our poems and practice our popcorn words before starting our daily 5 (this week became daily 4!) We also started talking about nouns. The students teamed up to brainstorm people, places, things, and animals.

New spelling words will be in the agenda today for next Friday. Please continue to practice these at home. The words your child is bringing home is based on a specific literary need (short vowels, digraphs, blends, etc.) and will help your child's English language development as well as provide a foundation for further vocabulary.


We are still concentrating on our unit about people. We can name our major body parts and their functions (including our senses) and now will learn how people change as they grow. To help us with this concept please send a photograph of your child as a baby on Monday. The goal is to use clues to determine whose baby photo belongs to whom. This will help solidify the idea that certain features stay the same regardless of age and from that we will project our future selves based on these features.


Please pack a healthy snack (hence the grapes) and water bottle every day for your child!

MAP testing this week will be Thursday and Friday at 8:00 am.