April 2020

April showers bring May flowers (and worms).

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Weekly Worm Webinars

Small Ruminant Extension Specialists in Delaware, Georgia, Maryland, Virginia are teaming up to offer weekly worm webinars via ZOOM. Each week, a different topic pertaining to internal parasites (worms + coccidia) will be discussed.

Register at https://go.umd.edu/worm-webinars

Canadian Handbook on Parasites

"Handbook for the Control of Internal Parasites in Sheep & Goats" is a Canadian publication. It was originally written in 2010. It was updated in 2019 and will always be a "work in revision," as the understanding of parasitism in sheep/goats evolves.

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Killer Pastures

Some innovative producers are now turning to nature’s way of reducing internal parasite burdens on their livestock: grazing management that reduces parasite infestation and using pasture plants that contain compounds that are antagonistic to the worms.

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Mixed Grazing Fails to Reduce Parasitism

French researchers invalidated the hypothesis that dilution or mixed species grazing (goats + cattle) will reduce parasite infection (in goats). Mixed grazing of breeding goats and cattle was monitored for two years on a rotational pasture, with the two species grazing together, followed by five years with cattle grazing immediately after goats. The goats to cattle ratio was about 50%, based on metabolic weight.

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Timely Topic: August 2017

Organic Management of Parasites
by Linda Coffey, NCAT-ATTRA

Organic livestock production is increasing in the United States, due to demand for organic products, including meat, milk, and fiber. Offering certified organic products can be a way for livestock producers to receive a higher price.

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Due to Covid-19, FAMACHA© workshops are being conducted online. To be able to purchase a FAMACHA© card, producers must pass a quiz and demonstrate FAMACHA© scoring proficiency (via a submitted video).

April 21-June 9 (12-1 pm)

Weekly Worm Webinars
Delaware-Maryland-Georgia-Virginia Extension

Register at https://go.umd.edu/worm-webinars

April 27 (12-1 pm)
Kentucky Worm Talk Q&A
Kentucky Sheep & Goat Development Office and University of Maryland Extension
Register at https://go.umd.edu/KY_WormTalk

Online FAMACHA© certification (6-8 pm)
Virginia State University and Fort Valley State University
Registration Link

May 7 (1-3:30 pm)
Online FAMACHA© Certification
University of Maryland Extension
Register at https://go.umd.edu/FAMACHA

The University of Rhode Island continues to offer online FAMACHA© certification at https://web.uri.edu/sheepngoat/famacha/.

About the Newsletter

WORMINFO is a monthly newsletter about gastro-intestinal parsites. It is sent to subscribers to the WORMINFO listserv. The WORMINFO listserv lets subscribers know when something new has posted to WORMX, the web site of the American Consortium for Small Ruminant Parasite Control (ACSRPC). To subscribe to the WORMINFO listserv, send an email to listserv@listserv.umd.edu. In the body of the message, write subscribe WORMINFO. You can also subscribe to the newsletters via Smore.

American Consortium for Small Ruminant Parasite Control (ACSRPC)

The ACSRPC is a group of scientists, veterinarians, and extension specialists dedicated to helping small ruminant producers control GI parasites in their flocks and herds. The consortium was formed in 2003 in response to the critical state of the small ruminant industry associated with the emergence of anthelmintic resistant worms.