WeHo Enrichments 2013-2014

Last Committee Meeting of the Year!!

MONDAY, MARCH 17TH @ 8:30 in Teachers Lounge

Hi All:

Monday, March 17th, Come help us wrap up this year and pre plan for next year.

Enrichments are what make West Hollywood Elementary Public School look much like a Private school.

Here's where we are at for the year. (click button below) Check out all of the amazing Bus Field Trips, Guest Speakers and Workshops we've brought to our students just this year!!!

We will be assigning volunteers to 'produce' and calendar the remaining events NOW and going over some very special projects not listed here.

Come and make sure we end this year on a high note.

We need YOUR help to wrap this year up and ensure that the remaining events happen.

Many of those marked In Progress or BOOKED will still need your help. Click button below for complete list.


Thanks again!

Angela Galletta

(Joseph mom)

Shana Mathur

(Sajan and Brijen's mom)

FOWHE Enrichments