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February 3, 2020

Ebinport's Vision Statement

Alongside families and our community, we are cultivating and nurturing lifelong learners to excel in an interdependent global society.

Faculty and Staff Birthdays

Melissa Higdon - February 18

Neely Williams - February 20

Samuelle Davis - February 26

Carolyn Farabee - March 5

Michelle Suttle - March 5

Tracy McClain - March 9

Alisha White - March 16

April Smith - March 26

Baily von Roden - March 26

Sonni Parks - March 30

What's Happening?

What's Happening This Week:


  • National School Counseling Week Begins
  • Orchestra visits with select 5th graders


  • World Real Aloud Day


  • Terrific Kid Ceremony at 9:00am

What Is Coming Up:

  • February 10 - Progress Reports go home this week
  • February 12 - Jump Up Day for Sullivan Middle School
  • February 13 - Jump Up Day for Dutchman Creek Middle School
  • February 14 - Valentine's Day
  • February 17 - President's Day - NO SCHOOL
  • February 19 - Jump Up Day for Rawlinson Road Middle School
  • February 19 - Kona Ice at Recess
  • March 2 - 6 - Read Across America Week
  • March 2 - 6 - Book Fair

Morning Car Drop-Off/Afternoon Car Pick-Up

Please use the following guidelines when dropping your child(ren) off in the morning or picking them up in the afternoon:

  • Use the car line to drop children off each morning unless your child needs additional assistance or you are coming into the building.

  • Please do not drop children off in the parking lot unless you are walking with them.

  • For our children's safety, please do not pass other cars when in the car rider line.

  • Always use the crosswalk when walking from the parking lot. We have had several instances of parents breaking out of car line and speeding through the car line area creating an unsafe environment for children being walked across the crosswalk. While we are addressing this issue, we are concerned for the safety of children crossing the crosswalk in the morning.

Registration for Summer Challenger Begins on February 3rd

Use the online registration link here https://bit.ly/2NSUQWy to sign up.

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Donations Would Be Greatly Appreciated!

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Girls on the Run is Here! (3rd - 5th Grade Girls Can Sign Up Now!)

Ebinport Elementary School is excited to offer Girls on the Run! The spring season begins February 10th. Space is limited! Our team will meet twice a week from 2:30 - 4pm for 10-weeks. For more information, please contact Mrs. Suttle or visit www.gotrtricountysc.org.

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Let Me Run is Back!

We are excited to have another Let Me Run team at Ebinport!! Registration is open and the season will begin on Monday, March 9th. Register now at upperpalmetto.letmerun.org and feel free to contact Jimmy Sawczuk at jsawczuk@gmail.org or Sara Sawczuk at ssawczuk@rhmail.org for more information.

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Erin’s Law and Comprehensive Health Education

Erin’s Law and Comprehensive Health Education:

Section 59-32-20 (B) of the South Carolina Code of Laws

York 3 – Rock Hill School District Overview and Implementation

Dear Parent/Guardian:

The South Carolina Legislature passed legislation in 2014 known as Erin’s Law. This law requires that South Carolina school districts extend their current mandated educational programs regarding personal safety, abuse education and prevention curriculum to students in pre-kindergarten through twelfth grades. The goal of the law is to teach children to avoid situations that may lead to abuse and to report any instances of abuse they may have endured.

The intent of the law is to give students skills in knowing how to stay safe from sexual assault and how to report any incidents of sexual assault. Parents and guardians are encouraged to discuss all health safety topics with their children. Specific to Erin’s Law, The Committee for Children and Darkness to Light (D2L) provides excellent resources for parents and families. Links to these resources are included here:



Providing abuse education in schools is not a new initiative. Mandates under the Health Education Act and Internet Safety Education Curriculum require instruction beginning in sixth grade. Erin’s Law simply extends this education into grades pre-kindergarten through twelve. Some sample topics in elementary school include: Self-Esteem and Personal Power, Fitting In and Acceptance, Grooming and Boundaries, Staying Safe in the Virtual World; S.A.F.E.: It’s Ok to Tell.

Our district guidance counselors, health teachers, and physical education teachers, under the leadership of our Lead Clinical Nurse and Associate Superintendent for Planning and Programs, worked together to select developmentally appropriate curriculum that will give our students the knowledge and skills they need to protect themselves. Your child’s school guidance counselor will present age appropriate lessons Pre-K – 5. Parents are welcome to view the instructional materials at Safer, Smarter Kids. https://safersmarterkids.org/.

Luanne Kokolis, Associate Superintendent for Planning and Programs

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Allowable Snacks in the Classroom

Dear Parent/Guardian,

The Health Advisory Committee for the school district has met over the past two years to develop a healthy snack list for classrooms. The list provided below has been approved by the district as allowable snacks for the classroom. The list was compiled by the district Health Advisory Committee using feedback from the School Improvement Councils (during the 2017-18 school year), and parent survey responses from the spring of 2018. The snacks listed meet SMART Snack guidelines recommended by USDA.

Based upon USDA Nutrition Standards and School Board Policy ADF - District Wellness, the following list of approved snacks are the only allowable snacks for classroom celebrations or parties. No homemade goods are permitted. Snacks must be individually wrapped or in purchased container/package. Valentine’s Day parties are excluded from using the list.


Cheddar crackers or graham crackers

Sun chips or similar baked chips

Frozen fruit bars (Ex. Whole Fruit, Outshine, Dole or store brand equivalent)

Fresh fruit – Individual serving/wrapped or in purchased package container

Fresh vegetables – Individual serving/wrapped or in purchased package container

Low fat dips

Fruit cups (Ex. In water, light syrup, or 100% juice)


Apple sauce cups

Gelatin cups or pudding cups

Fruit and veggie pouches

Cheese sticks (Individually wrapped)

Pepperoni or turkey pepperoni (In purchased package container or individual sticks)

Water/Flavored Water

*This list does not address allergies. Please remember to always check specific allergies with your classroom teacher 48 hrs. prior to bringing food to the school. Accommodations will be made for students with allergies.

La lista siguiente de bocadillos aprobados

Basándose en los Estándares de nutrición del USDA (Departamento de Agricultura de los Estados Unidos) y la Política ADF de la Junta Escolar – Programa de bienestar del Distrito, la lista siguiente de bocadillos aprobados incluye a los únicos bocadillos que se permiten para celebraciones o fiestas en el salón de clases. No se permiten bocadillos caseros. Los bocadillos deben estar envueltos individualmente o en un envase/paquete comprado.

Las fiestas del Día de San Valentín están excluidas del uso de esta lista.

La lista fue compilada por el Comité de Asesoramiento en Salud del distrito usando los comentarios de los Consejos de Mejoramiento Escolar (durante el año escolar 2017-18) y las respuestas de la encuesta para padres de la primavera de 2018. Los bocadillos incluidos en la lista cumplen con las directivas SMART Snack recomendadas por el USDA.

  • Pretzels
  • Galletas de queso cheddar o galletas Graham
  • SunChips o patatas horneadas similares
  • Paletas heladas de frutas (por ejemplo, Whole Fruit, Outshine, Dole u otra marca industrial equivalente)
  • Fruta fresca – porción individual/envuelta o en un envase comprado
  • Verduras frescas – porción individual/envuelta o en un envase comprado
  • Dips bajos en calorías
  • Vasos de frutas (por ejemplo, en agua, jarabe/almíbar ligero o 100% jugo)
  • Yogurt
  • Vasitos de puré/compota de manzanas
  • Vasitos de gelatina sin azúcar o de pudín sin azúcar
  • Sobres de frutas y vegetales
  • Palitos de queso (envueltos individualmente)
  • Pepperoni o pepperoni de pavo (en envase comprado o palitos individuales)
  • Agua/agua saborizada

*Esta lista no toma en cuenta las alergias. Por favor, recuerda verificar si existen alergias específicas con la maestra de tu salón de clases 48 horas antes de llevar comida a la escuela. Se harán adaptaciones para los estudiantes con alergias.

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