College/Career Presentation

Emma Manning

College- Boise State University

I want to go to BSU because my dad went there and I love the campus and the location. It is a great school and pretty easy to get in to. Boise State is the largest college in Idaho and is famous for it's blue football field, also known as the "smurf turf". This college is a good fit for me because it offers a lot of different degrees and I have family in the area so I would always have somewhere to go if I ever needed anything.

Career- Physican

They’re the people we call when the contractions come every five minutes. We rush to them for broken arms, and we make appointments when we find irregular freckles. We come to them with coughs and colds and when we suspect that mom might be losing her memory or that dad’s heart is working too hard. They’re obstetricians and gynecologists, pediatricians, psychiatrists, ER doctors, dermatologists, primary care providers, neurologists, cardiologists – in a word, physicians.

Some talents/traits that I posses relating to this career are Empathy, Determination, Intelligence, and wanting to help people.

Although no specific major is required, most premed students will major in biology, chemistry, mathematics, or a similar area of study in which they will need to make outstanding grades.

The average salary for physicians is $137,310 a year.

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