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Did Jesus make leadership mistakes?

We currently live in a chaotic world. It is a time of daily surprises that seem to tear at the fabric of our society. Many are perplexed. Many are looking around, desperately wanting for leadership in the places they live, work and learn. What kind of leadership can those who center their life on the teachings of Christ give? Is it different? Is it better? When one takes a hard look at how Jesus led, it is shockingly different from the ways of the world, and from a lot of what is promoted within the Christian church as leadership. If held up to current standards and wisdom, it looks like Jesus made a lot of leadership mistakes. Nancy Ortberg who has led in business, non-profit and church spheres had some fantastic and challenging perspectives on this for all who came to Q Commons Sacramento in the Fall of 2016. As a leader, you are encouraged to stay curious, think well and advance good. Watch and share this video with others who want to find one another and lead in a different and better way.

Leading Ideas: Nancy Ortberg - Jesus' Top Four Leadership Mistakes

Who is Nancy Ortberg?

Nancy Ortberg is the CEO of Transforming the Bay with Christ. She is passionate about improving personal and organizational effectiveness and believes that teams are the most dynamic way to produce those results. Nancy believes in helping people bring the best of who they are to what they do best. Her particular interests are in analyzing and catalyzing the flow of energy and strategy in healthy, dynamic leadership teams.

Q Commons Sacramento Interview with Nancy Ortberg

Leading Ideas: Activation Q&A with Nancy Ortberg & Heather Kreiser

Convergence “Live” on Friday, March 24

The next Convergence “Live” is scheduled for Friday, March 24 in Sacramento, CA. The theme for this one day gathering of leaders is “the Gospel in a Pluralistic Society.” Topics addressed in expert 9 minute topics will include “Good News for Millenials”, “The Hindu Next Door”, “Good News at Schools”, “Cubicle Conversations,” “Talking with My No Religion Neighbor”, and “Miracles Can Really Help”. You will have an opportunity to process these talks with other leaders who want to understand how to engage the diversity of people in our lives in ways that lead to spiritual conversations and change. You will have the opportunity to go deeper in questioning the speakers about their content. There will be a morning session from 8:30am-Noon and afternoon session from 1pm-4:30pm. You can register for the morning or afternoon session or for the full day including lunch. Click HERE to register

We are building the Convergence team- Interested?

Are you interested in helping Convergence build gospel centered leaders who address issues who the common good? We are seeking individuals to help with curation, advocacy and event planning. If you are interested, please let us know by emailing us at Our next meeting is in early February.