By Megan Nevlud from Mrs. Pearson's 1st Period Class


Islam is a monotheism religion. People of the Islam religion are known as Muslims, but are separated into two sects: Sunni and Shi'i. Muslims, like Christianity and Judaism, believe in one, all powerful God, the God of Abraham. Muslims must follow the five pillars. The Five Pillars are:

1. Public Declarations of religion

2. Pray five times a day

3. Give to Charity

4. Fasting

5. Pilgrimage- Annual Hajj

On Fridays, Muslims have worship services, which are held in a Mosque. The Imam is the prayer leader, who leads the worship service. Muslims have one holy book, but can be spelled two different ways: the Qur'an or the Koran. Two important Holy Days to Muslims are Ramadan and Annual Hajj. Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic Year, a thirty day period where Muslims must fast. Annual Hajj is a day when Muslims take a trip to Mecca, where they surround the Kaaba and pray. Mecca is a holy city to Muslims because it is where Muhammad was born, then later built the Kaaba there.