San Diego Zoo

We went to a virtual field trip to San Diego zoo we couldn't actually go there because it will be 33 hours plus traffic. and you know the inner state is crazy but never mind lets talk about the field trip I looked at the pandas and they ate a lot of bamboo and grass. 3 of the pandas had birthday they had ice cakes not ice cream ice flavored ice did you know that pandas live 20 years in the wild and they can swim very good. They are very cute but they can be dangerous they weigh 200 to 300 wow that's very heavy and we played games, lessons and even saw a baby panda when we left I missed the pandas I said good bye .
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What are pandas?

They are bears that are less meen then most bears you think of they i really think they are very cute but they can be meen like other bears but most pandas are vegens

What do pandas eat?

They eat bamboo grass and they can eat ice and other stuff but that is the main stuff they eat they can eat small animals but barely they enjoy grass and bamboo

Are pandas dangerus?

Yes no maybe they can be dangerus if you mess with there cubs and if you harm big or little pandas they are smart they can swim fast