Black Angels

by: Brooklynn, Reagan, Oliva, Leah


During the Civil War Luke, an 11 year old runaway, Daylily a girl who's house was attacked by Yankees, and Caswell, a little boy who was trying to find hid mother, all met each other in the woods. They had to go to the North before they got caught by the rebels.

Rising Action

As Luke Caswell and Daylily continue on their journey north, they came across many obstacles. One of which was Daylily telling Caswell about his moms death. Caswell thought that there was no purpose in life anymore and became very quiet and always stared directly into camp fires. Another was a mountain lion "Then he saw them, two yellow eyes through the under brush.. and now he could see it was a mountain lion... the big cat started over to Caswell, slowly sniffing, not desperate, only medley interested in human aroma.." Then Daylily got sick, and an old lady found them in a cave.


As Daylily was on her death ned, a Native American who called herself Betty -strong-foot brought them into her house and nursed Daylily back to health. They stayed with Betty throughout the Winter. Betty had become a mother to them; and brings them health and self confidence. When the time was right it was time for them to finish their journey and go to the North.

Falling Action

1) They went to Harpers Fairy, and there the people gave them bread to eat which was very kind.

2) Soon after, in Harpers Fairy, they find a home with friendly people, but soon Luke leaves and goes off to war.

3) After a few years in hiding Caswell is unsatisfied, but not enough to leave that is until his recked father comes to get him.


When Caswell, Daylily and Luke go their separate ways, they all tell themselves they will come back together in ten summers... Once they all grow up they are down their own roads of destiny and have parted ways... Each wonders if the others are going to join up... so in all their own ways they are ready to go meet up as a family on last time.
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Linda Beatrice Brown wrote the book Black Angels, a historical novel. She has also written many other books, such as The Long Walk, Crossing Over The River, and many more. To find out more about this author, click the link to her website-
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Character Analize

Caswell- is a young boy who's mother got very sick. He went into the woods to find her and got lost. Once he got to know Luke and Daylily, the author showed his true colors. In the book, it talks about how Caswell is a wolf. On page 155 it says, "A wolf is a teacher; he finds a way, and he can always get back home to his family." A wolf symbolizes Caswell because he's a leader, loyal, and wise.

Luke- An 11 year old boy runs from the only home he's ever know. "Luke stepped out the back door into the night. On his journey, he finds two young kids, he takes them in under his wing and becomes the leader of the three of them. He hopes to join the union soldiers. He's a eagle, caring, strong, and loving who protects when he doesn't have to.

Daylily- Daylily is a pure, innocent young women who is looking for any hope she can find in this world or war field and slave masters. As soon and she meets Luke and Caswell , she knows things will turn out alright for all of them as long as they stick together and trust in each other. On page 155 it says "Daylily is a bear.. Bear goes to dream lodge and tells us the truth.. bear is a fierce mother for her young.." This shows that Daylily is strong, loyal, and unique.


Three kids looking for hope from a ragtag team on their search for freedom. As they continue they're journey they are faced with many obstacles. Along the way a Native American woman takes them in under her wing. The woman said they needed to go to the North; they go to a town called Harpers Fairy. As the end, they go separate ways. In ten years, they do as they promised and meet back up again.