Last Team Hill Update for 2014

Dutch Fork Elem., Title One, December 18, 2014

Winter Holiday Break

Our winter break is from Dec. 22- Jan. 2. School will resume on Monday, January 5, 2015.

These next 2 weeks are a wonderful time to catch up on visiting family, reading wonderful books and strengthening multiplication and division facts! Warm wishes for a relaxing and restful time together with family and friends over the upcoming break!

Look for strip of paper coming home Thursday:)

In an effort to be mindful of our environment, I have sent home a small slip of paper with your child's grades from power school on it as well as the winter MAP test scores. I have 3 children who went through district 5 schools and know what it feels like to receive MAP scores. MAP scores are simply one way to assess knowledge, it is certainly not the end all. If your child is doing homework consistently, reading daily and engaged in class, then I wouldn't worry if there is a MAP gain or loss. Your child is doing exactly what they should be doing and will be just fine. If on the other hand, you see that your child's MAP scores are not met and your child is not doing homework nightly, reading daily, engaging in class 100 %, then there may be some room to grow. Some children blossom mid year and others blossom at the end (just ask your student about "Leo, the late bloomer" the book Mrs. Hill always talks about). The point is, we all blossom just not all at the same time. I am very encouraged by the work ethic many students have developed this year to be responsible for their own learning! And that's what it is all about:)

Colonial Williamsburg- DFES style

Colonial times was such a long time ago that it is hard for many of us to relate to that era. On that note, we began to delve in a little deeper into who these people were and what they did so that we could make a connection on a personal level. We began by reading on mr. about various colonial people, craftsmen and artisans. We worked in small groups to research through books what colonial people ate, what school was like, what games kids played, and some of the "silly" rules that they had to live by. We have explored Colonial Williamsburg for kids and found a plethora of information, games and more! That inspired us to look closer at colonial artisans and craftsmen. Each student chose an artisan to research and then create a visual character and construct a place of business (aka gingerbread house). Several lessons were learned:

"I learned that even though I was frustrated, not to give up."

"I learned that I can work well with other people!"

"I learned that I can get ideas from watching how others are building their colonial gingerbread houses."

" We all learned that you need to put your finger in ice when you burn it on the glue gun multiple times" thank you Mrs. Hill for that life lesson!

"I learned that I'm pretty good at building- constructing things!"

I am so very encouraged not just by the creativity of the children, but by the way that they persevered, especially when they were covered in frosting and the building kept falling....NO ONE gave up!!! That to me is worth a huge celebration!!!

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season filled with lots of fun family time, good books and making special memories. I am truly blessed and grateful to be able to share life with these fabulous 4th graders and watch them grow and blossom!