Top Gun

News for January

News From Core Subjecrs

In Social Studies this month we will be focusing on our Colony Unit and starting our unit on the Causes of the American Revolution. We will also be starting a novel study on Sign of the Beaver which connects the colony unit with the Native American Unit. We will be using the laptops to do research on the colonies in an effort to compare and contrast the New England, Middle, and Southern Colonies.

In Math this month we are starting our unit on decimals.

In Science we are starting our unit on rocks and minerals. We just finished our lab on crystal making.

In Literacy, we are deep into opinion writing in preparation for 6th grade’s argument writing. We are also searching for various text structures like: compare/contrast, sequential, problem/solution, cause/effect and descriptive. I’m excited about the kids who are signing up for our on-line reading log. This is not required, but super exciting for those who love to read and encouraging for those who don’t. Please check it out at: Our group name is: Top Gun 13-14. Our security code is: WSZZ28. Please make sure your child’s user name includes their first name last initial, so I know who they are. The paper log is still collected every Monday. Please watch your child’s Tuesday folder for their most recent MAPS reading report. Thank you always for your support!