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January 2021

Parents - the iReady MOY diagnostic assessment is coming this week and we need your help! We NEED you NOT to help your child!

What You Need to Know and Do

You’ll be tempted to help on the test. We get it—the i-Ready test is hard. But this test is not for a grade. It helps teachers give your student the best instruction possible.

Think of it this way—would you help your student with a vision test? No, because hints won’t help the eye doctor help them. With i-Ready, hints on the test now could negatively impact your student’s instruction later.

If this is the second time your student is taking the test, you're probably asking, "Why are they taking this again?" Knowing how your student is progressing will help teachers know to best support them for the rest of the school year.

Here are some things you can say to your child during the assessment if they need to be encouraged:

Before the assessment:

  • “The Diagnostic helps you find out what you know, understand what you are ready to learn, and will help you get ‘just right’ lessons.”
  • “Try your best and do not rush, but do not spend too much time on a question.”
  • “Remember, the Diagnostic is adaptive. This means the questions change based on your answers to earlier questions. You will see some questions you don’t know. That is okay! Just try your best.”
  • “Read each passage carefully.”
Throughout the assessment (every 8–10 minutes):
  • “I can tell you are very focused. Keep up the good work!”
  • “Great work, you have [number] minutes left.”
  • “Nice job showing your work/reading each passage carefully.” If a student is rushing
  • “I noticed you seem to be clicking through quickly. Remember, take your time and try your best.” If a student is moving too slow
  • “It seems like you are stuck on this one problem. It’s okay if you do not know the answer. Make your best guess and move on to the next question.”
If a student is starting to feel frustrated, mad, upset, etc:
  • “Wow. That looks like a very advanced question! That likely means you have been answering a lot of questions correctly. Don’t get [frustrated, mad, upset, etc.]. Make your best guess so the assessment can find your ‘just right’ level.”
  • “Let’s take a quick break! Do you want to finish this question now or when you get back?”
If a student asks for help:
  • “Just like when you take the test at school, I can’t help you find the answer. We want to find out what you know, not what I know. It’s okay if you are stuck! Try going back and rereading the text.”
  • “Try using a strategy that worked in a similar question before.”
  • “It’s okay if you don’t know it. You are going to get some challenging questions, which means you are answering a lot of questions correctly. Make your best guess and move on to the next question!”
After the assessment:
  • “I’m really proud of you. You did a great job [taking your time, showing your work, persisting through challenging questions, etc.].”

This year our school's reading growth in 2nd grade is based on how much a child increases from the middle of the year to the end of the year on the iReady diagnostic. Please ensure that you don't skew our school's data by helping your child on this assessment. We NEED to have an accurate measure of your child's skills.

Students will take this assessment during their Leaders Achieve block over several days. Please see the times below:

3rd grade: 8:00

4th grade: 9:30

2nd grade: 10:00

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i-Ready video for parents - please watch! Adults CANNOT help students with the i-Ready Diagnostic assessment!

i-Ready video for students

Daily Schedules starting on Tuesday, January 5th. All students must attend the Zoom sessions to participate in the grade level lessons. The schedules below are for Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

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Wednesdays are asynchronous learning days! Please see the times below for the daily check in.

2nd Grade - 8:45 Zoom check in

3rd Grade - 8:15 Zoom check in

4th Grade - Google Form check in by the end of the school day


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